There’s no doubt that going green is great for the environment, but did you know it can also save you money? Yep! In fact, there are many different ways that you can turn your home eco-friendly, and your wallet will be thanking you for it. Keep reading to find out some of the best ‘green’ ways to save money

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

Reduce: Did you know that the world produces 3.5 million tons of plastic each and every day! That’s a lot! And most of it ends up in either landfills or our precious ocean. To help reduce your wastage and save cash, try buying products in bulk, and only purchase what you really need. 

Reuse: Buying a refillable water bottle, and using reusable shopping bags are both great ways to reduce your amount of wastage each and every day. Not only will you be saving money, but you won’t have to worry about the damage plastic can cause on the environment.  

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Recycle: While it might be tempting to throw everything in the trash, taking the time to separate your recyclable materials is essential. Your cardboard and glass can be used to make other items that are generally less expensive! 

Solar power 

While solar power might be expensive to install initially, the amount of electricity it saves you can significantly reduce your power bill! It’s certainly worth the investment and is a completely clean way to produce energy. You also don’t have to worry about running out of power, as they last all day and night, and even harvest sunshine during the rainy days. Click the link to estimate your solar savings today. 

Low flow faucets 

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert

If you’re looking to reduce not only your electricity bill but also your water bill, try purchasing some low flow faucets. These are designed to limit water wastage, as they only release what is necessary. If you have old taps in your house, it can certainly be worth making the swap. 

Worm farms 

Worms are also magical little creatures and can be very beneficial for your garden. By owning a worm farm, you can feed your leftovers to these worms, and in return, they can help you compost your garden. You’ll be able to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers with a little help from these wriggly friends. Just remember to research what foods worms can eat!

Clothes washing 

While owning a dryer is convenient, it uses up a lot of unnecessary energy. Try and utilize a clothesline as much as possible, to save money towards your power bill. You can even purchase an indoor clothesline for those rainy days. Also, don’t forget to wash your clothes with cold water, instead of wasting electricity, heating it up! It works just as well. 

And that’s it! Going green and becoming eco-friendly will also help you lead the way to a healthier earth. Moreover and you’ll be saving money. It’s a win-win! Just remember always to do your research, as there are some things out there that say they are helpful, but actually aren’t! Good luck!