The Designer That’s Leading Sustainable 100% Zero Waste on the Red Carpet

It’s no secret that sustainable fashion is becoming more popular for consumers. As well as with some of our favorite celebrities. So some fashion designers have been ahead of the trend for years. Therefore they have already made a mark in the sustainable fashion world. That’s including Zero Waste Daniel. Zero Waste Daniel is a Brooklyn-based sustainable fashion brand. One that is the first company to make 100% zero waste clothes.

Zero Waste Daniel’s CEO and Founder, Daniel Silverstein, takes factory scraps and completely reinvents them into clothing. All to make people feel and look good while wearing them. Most noteworthy while over 21 billion pounds of textiles go into landfills each year.

Therefore, Daniel can proudly say that the company contributes to none of that. Meaning 100% zero waste. More importantly that they keep all fabric waste at a zero since the brand’s inception in 2016.

You may remember Daniel from NBC’s first fashion reality show, Fashion Star, in 2013, where he made a name for himself amongst celebrity shoppers including Jennifer Hudson, Kristen Bell, and Amber Valetta, as they’ve been seen wearing Daniel’s zero waste designs on red carpets and magazine covers ever since. This month, Daniel is being honored for his long dedication to sustainability as a part of Pildora’s #Fashionability Designer Spotlight Series.

Each month, Pildora highlights a different brand dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendliness in the #Fashionability: Designer Spotlight Series.

#Fashionability as well as the success of his brand is helpng for showcasing designs on reality TV to the red carpet.

Jennifer Hudson in a custom spine dress made by Daniel Silverstein

Supermodel and actress Amber Valetta in a dress made by Daniel Silverstein

Zero Waste Daniel
The mission of Zero Waste Daniel is to tackle and change industry norms by reimagining design and creation without waste. The brand prides itself off making kick ass clothing that sends nothing to landfill. We are the first company making 100% zero waste clothes. We make unique fashion pieces by applying the art of sewing to the scraps that abound due to fashion industry’s wasteful practices. By reimagining sewing we have also reinvented fabric. All Zero Waste Daniel products are unisex.