Written by Dirce Guerra

Save money and water by following these tips

Most people are not aware of how small adjustments in water conservation can bring. For I mean a significant impact. According to Statista, “An average U.S. family of four pays about 72.93 U.S. dollars for water every month as of 2019. That’s if each person used about 100 gallons per day.” Homeowners can also save money and reduce wasteful water usage. All as a result by making easy changes in the home. So we’ve put together a quick list of changes you can make. All consequently to help conserve water. Remember, you can also find a pro to do it for you at Porch.

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Some quick and moreover easy ways to save water in:


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It’s important to keep in mind that this precious resource is pivotal for our existence. By protecting it, we’re not just saving money but also preserving water for future generations. Every drop counts.

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