Leading a sustainable lifestyle is becoming increasingly important as we attempt to care for and protect our planet. However, it can be challenging knowing where to begin and what lifestyle changes to make in order to develop greener, more eco-friendly habits. Here are 6 books which will provide you with a great starting point.

1. ‘101 Ways To Go Zero Waste’ By Kathryn Kellogg

For those looking to embark upon a more sustainable lifestyle, it can sometimes feel overwhelming knowing where to even begin. Nonetheless, Kathryn Kellogg succeeds in sharing key tips on how to begin living a more sustainable lifestyle. With suggestions ranging from eco-friendly shopping choices, to reusing items, to DIY beauty products, this book is ideal for beginners. More importantly, it places the emphasis not upon making the ‘perfect’ choices, but on making better choices for ourselves and our environment. Moreover, this book is filled with great practical ideas which make a sustainable lifestyle much more manageable and achievable.   

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2. ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year Of Food Life’ By Barbara Kingsolver

In this highly engaging book, Barbara Kingsolver shares her family’s experiences. They moved away from the conventional industrial-food pipeline experienced by so many Americans, to a more organic and local food source. Having relocated to a farm, Kingsolver and her family adapted their eating habits to home grown or locally grown foods. 

“This book is the perfect balance between journalistic investigation and memoir,” says Thomas Bouie, a green writer at Boomessays and Academized. “The result is an insightful and entertaining book, which encourages readers to reconsider the wider health and environmental impact of American agriculture.”

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3. ‘The Rough Guide To Green Living’ By Duncan Clark

If you’re looking for an accessible book which offers actionable steps to start living a greener lifestyle, then this is the book for you. As well as being filled with important facts, ‘The Rough Guide to Green Living’ is filled with practical tips. The focus is on making small lifestyle changes to reduce your carbon footprint. Moreover, It is the perfect book for those who are ready to readdress their priorities and start to make a difference.

4. ‘This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. The Climate’ By Naomi Klein

The debate surrounding the environment and climate change typically tends to focus on global warming and carbon. However, in this book Naomi Klein shines a light on a much more politically-charged source – capitalism. Despite its more political tone towards the issue of leading a greener lifestyle, this book offers an insightful philosophical perspective. Klein attempts to debunk and expose myths which have so far confused the climate change debate. Additionally, she offers ideas and suggestions for more sustainable economic systems and practices. 

5. ‘It’s Easy Being Green: A Handbook For Earth-Friendly Living’ By Crissy Trask

With this book, Crissy Trask succeeds in creating a guide which even the busiest of individuals can use and apply in their daily lives

“This book is filled with some truly fantastic practical, minimalistic and time-efficient tips for leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Ultimately, it encourages and supports individuals to be able to make a real difference. With some easy to follow and simple to implement ideas, people are more likely to adhere to a greener lifestyle,” says Virginia Wilson, a lifestyle blogger at Custom Writing Services and UKWritings.

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6. ‘The Sustainable(Ish) Living Guide’ By Jane Gale

For individuals who want to start living a greener lifestyle, but don’t want to make drastic or radical lifestyle changes, then this book is for you. Covering all aspects of life, from food to travel, household products to celebrations, this book offers practical help and advice. It emphasizes how even small changes can have a big impact. Additionally, it encourages readers to start adjusting their lives by taking a few simple steps. 


Correspondingly, learning to lead a more sustainable lifestyle is essential to preserving the planet. With the help and advice offered in these books, you, too, can embark upon a journey to a greener lifestyle. By making even the smallest of adjustments, collectively, we can have a big, positive impact on the environment.


Written by Katherine Rundell

Katherine Rundell is a green writer at Top Assignment Writing Services and Best Essay Writing Services, where she regularly writes about the benefits of green living. She is particularly interested in sharing actionable strategies which readers can implement into their daily lives to live more sustainable lifestyles. Katherine is also a regular proofreader at Essay writing services reviews. An avid reader, Katherine can often be found reading outdoors, gardening or promoting local environmental events and charities.

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