Nowadays, the use of solar energy is more popular and cheaper than ever. The cost of installation has lowered significantly in the last few years. Due to electrical independence from major suppliers, your bills will only get cheaper and cheaper. Besides the low cost, one more big advantage of going solar is that it makes the lowest carbon footprint out of all other energy sources. We will give you a few pieces of advice on how to maximize the efficiency of your solar panels.


Make Sure They’re Pointed The Right Way

The placement of your panels has a lot to do with their efficiency. As we all know, depending on the time of day and the season of the year, the sun moves its position. Panels need to be pointed at it at all times to be able to produce energy. The energy experts from Power Advice have advised that the best way to have your panels working at the maximum capacity all year round is to do maintenance every few months and position them the right way. This should be done by the experts because they know how to predict the sun’s movements. Besides that, if you have roof panels you could get injured if you try to do it alone.

Make Sure That They Are Installed Correctly

Proper panel installation is the key to maximum efficiency. If the solar panels are placed in the shaded areas, it is logical that their capacity will decrease immensely. Not even a small part of a panel should be shaded because it acts as a resistor. If you live in an area surrounded by trees and tall buildings, you should hire someone to calculate the best position possible. Don’t hire an installation company by price, hire them by experience. A good solar energy designer can calculate the best positioning throughout the whole year.

Choose According To Your Needs

Before you install your solar panels you need to calculate your energy needs and decide on what is the best type of panels accordingly. Some are cheaper, but they offer less wattage by the square foot. You need to carefully assess your needs and buy accordingly. Even if you pay more than you have planned for installation, your electricity bills will be lowered drastically, so it will pay off in the long run. The most common type of panels is polycrystalline panels, which offer medium efficiency at a lower price.

Clean Your Panels Regularly

Regular cleaning and maintenance are important for panels to work properly. A cleaner surface means more space for sun absorption. There is no way to avoid dirt and dust but make sure that you clean them out at least once a month. Cleaning itself is not complicated at all. You can simply use soap and water, or if you want to be more thorough, use the same products you use for washing your car.


Use Monitoring System

You need to be aware of the amount of energy your solar panels generate at all times. Most people just install and then forget about them, and after a while, they stop working like they used to. Monitor the production through power monitoring software and try to notice drops of energy. That way you will know when your panels require maintenance or cleaning. It will show you the time of maximum efficiency, when you need to call your solar maintenance man, and how low your carbon footprint is.

Watch Out For Overheating

This is a bit ironic, but the hotter your solar panels get, the less efficient they will be. This is because they are semiconductors, and they perform the best when they are cooled down. Naturally, solar panels need the sun to function, so keeping them cool is a challenge. For them to stay cool there should be at least 7 inches of distance between them and the roof. If they still don’t function correctly, consider investing in cooling equipment.

Adjust Your Energy Usage

Solar panels are at the peak of production during the day, so use the appliances that consume more energy at that time. If your schedule requires you to be more active during the night, it may be best to consider purchasing solar panels that have longer battery life. Don’t forget that some appliances automatically go on standby, which means that they still use energy. Weather can also have a significant impact on your energy production.

Installing solar panels is affordable, clean, and most importantly, efficient. As you can see, raising the production to its maximum capacity is not at all complicated. You just need to take good care of your equipment. Don’t be afraid to go for the pricier options because the prices are just going down, and it will pay off greatly in the long run.