For example All Electric, Pollution Free, Battery-Powered Outdoor Power Tools a Growing Trend Among Landscapers

  1. So besides the solar light ideas you always wanted for your backward, check this out!

Invest in Solar-Powered Outdoor Fixtures

It’s no secret that investing in a solar power system can promote a healthier environment and help homeowners slash homeownership costs. Because solar-powered lights can store energy during the day and light up a patio for nighttime entertainment. I mean there’s no need to flip on the back porch light. Instead, you can entertain and wow your house guests with environmental conservation in mind.

2. Similarly, solar-powered water features can add life to a backyard without relying on less regenerative electricity forms.

3. Greenworks® announced that professional landscaper and television personalities Chris and Peyton Lambton will join their team as national spokespeople for Greenworks’ range of innovative battery-powered outdoor power tools.

Well known as hosts for several national yard makeover TV programs, the Lambtons bring professional experience and creativity to outdoor landscaping projects. In their new role with Greenworks. So the Lambtons will help in the company’s mission to educate and inspire homeowners and professional landscapers on how battery-powered outdoor power tools can be used to easily create inviting outdoor living areas with the touch of a button.


“It’s especially exciting that the Lambtons used Greenworks even prior to our partnership, and we’re thrilled to help share their knowledge and insights on landscaping with battery-powered outdoor tools for the home and garden world.”


Chris Lambton, who returned to his passion for landscaping after gaining national recognition as a contestant on The Bachelorette in 2011. So for example he transforms neglected backyards alongside his wife Peyton. All who is also a former contestant from The Bachelor.

4. Using Greenworks battery-powered outdoor tools!

So the Lambtons create eye-popping backyard spaces, suitable for entertaining. Obstacles like poison ivy, overgrown shrubbery, untamed trees and out-of-control weeds, are no match for the strength and precision of Greenworks tools.  Within a few days, the Lambtons reveal the new outdoor living space, complete with patios, water features, fireplaces and more to the excited homeowner.


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5. Choosing Native Grasses

Opting for native grasses is a surefire way homeowners can introduce an environmentally friendly change into standard lawn care practices. Native grasses have the ability to survive on finite resources. I’m meaning these grass varieties often require less water and fertilizer. Especially less than plants not found locally.

Additionally, native grasses can help homeowners establish a valuable habitat for local insects unable to thrive in grasses transplanted into the area from other ecosystems. Companies like Nature’s Seed offer native grass seed products tailored to homeowners hoping to reduce their water usage and seed lawns that fulfill existing wildlife’s unique needs.

6. Learn How to Compost

Composting has even more benefits outside of offering an eco-friendly method for repurposing organic kitchen waste. By eliminating certain kinds of food waste. Because composting can help environmental activists ensure their diets are more sustainable.

Not to mention, compost can serve as a replacement for chemical fertilizer. Finally, it can also contribute to moisture-retentive soil. Compost heaps can even become tiny ecosystems of their own, attracting various animals such as earthworms, hedgehogs, and lizards.

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