It’s Everywhere

Mold is something that has been growing on Earth for millennia so it is unlikely that it will somehow go away. It is an integral part of mother nature and accompanies anything that becomes a part of her. All of our households, be those high-rise buildings, houses or ranchos are prone to mold as it has a superpower.

It can penetrate everywhere and form a colony remaining unseen but in front of your eyes. You will start noticing it gradually. First, you might think that it is just a dirty spot and schedule cleaning it for the next day or week. However, because the spot is small, you may forget about it. So, it will grow into something big and scary for you to notice it.

Nevertheless, mold will let you know of its existence indirectly too. This plant can also cause various health problems. Below are some symptoms that signal exposure to mold and how to effectively organize mold remediation. 

Shortness of Breath or Breathing Issues

In the beginning, you may think that shortness of breath is caused by some type of flu or cold. However, it’s possible it will not heal because the cause has been hiding in places that are difficult to access.

In particular, inflammation of the windpipe would be the protective response that your body will show to being “infected” by mold and trying to get rid of it. As inflammation refers to the body’s congenital processes of self-healing, any harmful guest from the outside world will be greeted the same way.

Bear in mind that if untreated, mold can even go the extra mile and generate other health issues such as fever and severe difficulties in breathing. This is especially true for those members of the household who are vulnerable or have oversensitive immune systems. 


As in case of inflammation, the body will activate the immune system, related to the skin, to protect the human at that level too. One of the common consequences after being exposed to mold is experiencing aches and pains.

If mold spores continue growing unnoticed, they can seriously affect children and the elderly. For example, children and toddlers can become restless if they continue breathing mold. Their condition will worsen if their bodies continue to respond to growing amounts of exposure. 

Changes in Mood

Again, this is something that can occur for several reasons. However, it usually goes hand in hand with the symptoms mentioned above. In the case of mold, mood changes play the role of the aftermath of being exposed to it.

By suffering from aches or breath issues, family members are less likely to be enjoying the atmosphere and their stay at home. As a result, these mood swings will act as a psychological protective factor to force them to leave the places that affect their health. For all of these cases, there is a great solution to feeling happy and healthy again. 

Introducing Mold Solutions

Mold Solutions can help you and your family remediate your problems with these adamant plants. The company has a rescue plan for all of your mold remediation problems and offers three types of services: mold remediation, mold prevention, and mold inspection. They act as a vaccine to mold that either effectively suspends its growth or destroys it once and for all.

Mold Solutions offer exceptional warranty to their customers and ensure to be both environmentally and pocket-friendly. What is more, they operate in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, and surrounding areas including Western and Eastern Washington.

In case you are living in these areas and suspect that your house can be mold-polluted, make sure to schedule a check-up. Their professionalism will save you.