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Energy sits at the heart of any discussion on environmentally-friendly credentials. A European Environment Agency rounded up the impact energy has on the natural environment and really lays out how heavy the burden is. Energy impacts air pollution, climate change, water pollution, solid waste disposal, and more. Accordingly, any conscientious individual looking to improve their impact on the environment should look to energy first before anything else.

Minor changes in the home

The first changes any person can make is in their own home – rented or owned. There are numerous gentle adaptations to daily life that can have a great impact on energy efficiency. Switching to energy efficient light bulbs, especially newer generation LED variants, is an easy first step – and it will save money in bills and the longevity of the bulb. USA Today outlines the benefits of using smaller cooker devices, wearing more layers, and dusting in the home – all of which improve your energy efficiency by reducing the energy cost of heating.

Switching energy supplier

You can have an even greater impact on the energy economy by switching to an all-renewable supplier. Renewable suppliers are becoming dominant, especially so in southern states, and as asserted by The Guardian, have a better track record on power outages in the likes of Texas. Small factors like this contribute to overall better efficiency. Therefore, having higher up-time and a lower likelihood of outages means less reliance on older, fossil-fuel powered services.

Taking control

The ultimate way to take control of your carbon footprint is by creating a smart, renewable powered home. This is cheaper and more simple than it ever has been before. US News highlights that solar power installation is now 60% of the cost it was a decade ago, making it a more viable alternative for a wider range of homeowners. With modern technology provided by the likes of Tesla, you can sequester energy for a longer period. This too improves your independence from the grid. There is some downside – solar panels are still not carbon neutral in production costs. However, over their lifetime they will certainly offset a lot of the cost of using fossil fuels for energy.
Making those home changes and building a long-term strategy will add to your eco credentials. Energy is such a huge contributor to climate change. That’s why making even small changes is effective.
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