Test Drive Results 2021 Lexus UX 250h Hybrid Electric Car


Expect in good weather a 50 MPG in ECO on highway and 35 in bad locations. Great fun also a sporty interior for this 2021 Lexus UX 250h!

Featuring the Lexus UX Hybrid Drive powertrain. For the 2021 UX 250h boasts 181 total system horsepower. For that’s the fuel-efficient leader with the best MPG of any CUV or SUV. I mean without a plug in the U.S. market.

This hybrid is also equipped with all-wheel drive standard. Moreover some high-speed responsiveness. As well as a feeling of smooth and also really a natural acceleration.

Dedicated Electric Motor Generator

The UX 250h model all-wheel drive (AWD*) system. For the Lexus UX hybrid uses a separate, dedicated electric motor-generator. One most interestingly with 7 hp output. I mean it’s integrated right into the rear differential. Power distribution is also between the front and rear axles. It’s also automatically optimized. All most importantly by the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system. Especially when accelerating. As well as cornering and or driving on slippery surfaces.

In addition, AWD* also provided stable driving on uphill slopes or snow-covered roads. I have a road near my house called Long Hill Road. Well I can say, it’s Long and the incline is there. That Lexus UX hybrid handled it with lower fuel consumption than a conventional all-wheel drive system. Thereby it’s employing a power split device and driveshaft.

Because AWD* does more than assist traction in slippery conditions on the Lexus UX hybrid. For the system can actively improve stability by adjusting rear-wheel power. All to help correct an over- or under steer condition.


The UX 250h debuted Predictive Eco Drive Control. It’s a world-first system, coupling with the navigation system, in 2018. The system also learns driving habits. Furthermore it predicts the expected roadway ahead. Thereby analyzing real-time traffic reports to optimize charging and discharging of the hybrid battery. The more miles the Lexus UX hybrid 250h is driven, the more data is gathered to help optimize fuel consumption. The system can be turned off if desired.

Also operational with navigation, Predictive Deceleration Support technology uses accumulated knowledge about a driver’s behavior to predict when and where the vehicle is likely to slow down or stop. For example, when the UX approaches a location where the driver has slowed or stopped in the past, and the driver releases the accelerator pedal, Predictive Deceleration Support increases regenerative braking, allowing more efficient energy to be recovered and recharged into the hybrid battery. The system can provide deceleration support up to about 1,000 feet ahead of the vehicle.

Predictive State of Charge (SOC) control

Predictive State of Charge (SOC) control for the hybrid battery. This is a world-first technology. One which functions on both downhill roads and in congested traffic. Operating when the UX is also following guidance from the navigation system. For it will predict the route for up to 6 miles ahead to optimize the conditions. All most interestingly under which it can regenerate energy, earning power for future driving.

So in stop-and-go traffic or low-speed driving, the electric motor is used more. Makes for more EV action. So in this scenario, Congestion SOC control uses traffic information. All from the navigation system to determine if there is any congestion on the planned route. If so, it actively charges the hybrid battery before reaching the congested area. Thereby reducing the need of forced engine start to charge the battery in those conditions.


So F SPORT-exclusive interior features include front sports seats. All made with a highly supportive integrated-foaming technique. One that is first developed for Lexus F models.

The digitally rendered instrument meter features a movable ring. One also inspired by the Lexus LFA supercar. So a perforated leather-trimmed F SPORT steering wheel with paddle shifters. Then also leather-trimmed perforated shift knob and 8-inch TFT color display. Finally aluminum pedals and aluminum door scuff plates. Coupled with a  footrest that are also part of the package.

Featuring a larger 8-inch TFT LCD display on F SPORT, content can vary depending on the and the selected drive mode. For the F SPORT only, the movable meter ring, which originated in the Lexus LFA supercar and is also featured in the LC premium coupe, allows displayed content to be easily changed. Pushing a switch on the steering wheel moves the ring to the right and enlarges the multi-information display.


The 2021 Lexus UX models offer the latest in the brand’s multimedia and navigation technology. A 7-inch Lexus Multimedia System (LMS) display is standard, and a 10.3-inch screen is used with the available Lexus Navigation system. The available Lexus Navigation system features the brand’s latest graphical user interface for greatest ease of use and access to features. In the US, Hybrid Navigation combines onboard map data with the latest satellite information.

The standard Lexus Premium Sound System can play back the highest-resolution digital audio formats from a USB device while dual rear-seat USB ports enable passengers to use and charge their smartphones or tablets.

In addition, the standard 6-speaker system and available 8-speaker upgrade system use bamboo charcoal speaker diaphragms.  For these to reduce mass and deliver natural-sounding voices and improved mid-range sound.

Both systems also create a more lifelike soundstage. All by using tweeters mounted at the sides of the instrument panel. Thereby reflecting sound off the windshield.

So the 8-speaker system also adds a center-dash tweeter. Finally, a subwoofer mounted in the luggage area and a more powerful amplifier. I mean that’s just amazing sound that’s unreal to the ear.  It’s like nothing you’ve never heard.

The Lexus Multimedia System is coupled with the upgraded 10.3-inch display, adding numerous features to support customers’ digital lifestyles.

In addition, UX drivers will be able to integrate standard safety features with their smartwatch, Amazon-enabled. As well as Google Assistant enabled device.

Such actions include lock/unlock of their doors. Also starting their engine. Finally even checking their fuel level. It can also be controlled by voice commands, and compatible with select Android or Apple devices.

All UX models come standard with Apple CarPlay® phone functionality. When a compatible iPhone® is connected through a USB cable. So drivers can access Apple Music, Google maps, Waze, and Spotify, plus make phone calls. Also better integration this year on sending and receive messages all through the multimedia display. I mean like with voice control through Siri®.

Source: Lexus

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