Everyone wants to be the talk of the town when they finally decide to host a party where they invite their friends and favorite family members. In most cases, people will go out of their way to impress those in attendance. But what is more important when hosting a party? Well, it all depends on the kind of party. For environmentally-conscious individuals, then an eco-friendly celebration will be a priority when focusing on the event’s details. But how does one hold such a party and ensure everyone present is happy and satisfied? Read on to discover simple, practical, and achievable tricks that will make people talk about your event for weeks, if not months.

1. Insisting on Reusable Packages

Some people will insist on bringing a gift as a gesture of good manners and kindness. While you should insist on having no gifts at all, emphasize packages that can be re-purposed or used if someone insists on bringing something. The idea here is to minimize the possibility of having a lot of waste bags to throw away. Remember that this will be an eco-friendly party, and the least destruction to the environment is expected. 

A great gift idea would be to check some of the nano cbd roll on available in the market and pick one. The good thing about these gift ideas is that you do not need any special packaging to bring them in, which means less waste to dispose of. Other unique gift ideas include foods and drinks consumed and the dishes washed for use the next time. However, ensuring that people avoid bringing gifts is an even better idea because you may not control people’s gifts and wrappings.

2. Use Digital Invitations

Avoid paper invitation cards and send e-cards instead. This way, there will be no paper wasted just to let people know about your event. You can take advantage of social media groups and private groups to invite those you want to. Private message those you want to come to avoid overspreading the event’s news if you want it to remain intimate. By taking advantage of the technology that everyone has access to today, you can quickly contact people who are essential for making the proper preparations.

3. Handle the Noise Pollution

While you may be preparing not to litter or destroy the environment by trashing, do not forget to keep the noise down. Most parties are often filled with loud music and a lot of volume from the gathering people. Ensure to have the noise controlled, or hold the party in a soundproof venue where noise pollution issues will not arise. Note that your happiness and celebration should not interfere with your neighbor’s peace and tranquility.

4. Consider Hiring a Food Catering Business

Most parties forget to clean after the event is done, causing a lot of destruction to the environment. Guests tend to leave behind bottles and party glasses without a care in the world. To avoid such occurrences, work with a food catering company that will also clean after the visitors are gone. Such businesses ensure that once they have served food and drinks, whatever is left over as trash must be disposed of properly. 

5. Decorate Yourself

If you are conscious of the environment, then you may consider decorating your house on your own. This way, you can control the number of decor items you use in the space. What’s more, you also get to choose the type of decor that is environmentally friendly. Use more plant-based and naturally occurring decor pieces such as flowers to minimize pollution. Identify biodegradable materials in your decorations as this will not destroy the environment in any way. 

6. Utilize Re-usable Furniture

There is a high likelihood that you will need tables and chairs for our guests to use during the celebration. Go for furniture you use most in your house to reuse afterward. Alternatively, have an event’s company organize the venue with their furniture since they will reuse it for another event. This way, you avoid the possibility of buying furniture that will lie idle for a long time since parties are not held every day, at least not by the same people. It is more practical and affordable to have a hiring company rent you a few furniture pieces for your event at a small cost.

7. Choose Games with Few Supplies

One of the fastest ways to destroy the environment when having a celebration is to have games that encourage wastage of resources. Rather than play games that will need many disposable materials and resources, choose those that everyone can enjoy without necessarily having to use too many resources. For instance, you can play hide and seek, which does not require any material. 

A game of charades is also a great idea. If you must use any resources, make sure it does not involve littering or destroying the environment. For instance, the musical chair game is a great one since you will use chairs already present at the event. You can be creative and still have fun without requiring too many items for a game.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to host a good party with friends and family. However, it is only achievable if you prepare in advance. Environmentally-conscious individuals know that planning is key to achieving an eco-friendly celebration; hence they will always start early. The bottom line is to prioritize the environment even as you have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Author: Lisa Dinh

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