Gift-giving can be difficult for anyone who wants to be truly green, and it gets exceptionally complicated when both parties wish to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. If you or someone on your list prefers conscious consumption, you need to choose your options carefully. In this article, we found gifts that either focus on green living or foster an unforgettable experience.

Green Living Gifts

The following gifts are inexpensive but pack a lot of environmental punch!

Potted Plants

Instead of a bouquet of roses, get your sustainable friend a potted plant. Not only will this gift last much longer than cut flowers (although both are compostable), but your friends will always be reminded of you when they see it. Flowers are also one of the top gift ideas for forgotten birthdays because they’re easy to find, simple to transport, and everyone loves them.

Washing Bags

Microfibre pollution is becoming a big topic in the environmental world, but there was little you could do about laundry-specific lint until recently. Thankfully, Guppyfriend found a way to reduce microfibers on laundry day by making washing bags. Simply place your items in the bag and dry your clothes as usual. Your clothes will also last longer since they’re less fiber breakage.

Pure Castile Soap

We use soap every single day of our lives, from washing our hair in the shower in the morning to washing our dishes after supper. Although soaps have a much lower environmental impact than plastic, many brand-name varieties have ingredients that reduce oxygen levels in the water. To keep the fish safe, gift Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap in its 100% post-consumer bottle.

Big Impact Gifts

We also wanted to include big-ticket items that put durability and sustainable sourcing first.

Portable Micro-Campfire

A friend or family member who’s a fan of camping will love BioLite CampStove. It uses renewable sources, such as pine cones, wood pellets, and twigs to cook food. Micro-campfires, on average, burn cleaner than other fuels. If your friend wants to roast marshmallows by the fire in the summer, buy them this USB-powered option that’s chargeable and 100% portable.

Bluesign-Approved Booties

If your friend is more of a fan of winter sports, MEC Hut Booties will be a perfect choice. As the secret weapon of ice climbers and skiers for over a decade, these boots are made with Pertex Quantum nylon, which traps air and keeps your toes warm. On top of being incredibly cozy, they’re made of 50% recycled content and are Bluesign Approved for their sustainability.

A Thifted/Vintage Shopping Spree

Whether you’re having a hard time finding a gift for your fashion-forward friend or you’re worried about buying the wrong size, a thrift shopping spree can solve both problems. Let’s get one thing straight: fashion works in cycles, and your friend will feel pretty cool wearing an actual 90s fanny back rather than a modern recreation. Plus, your friend can buy more pieces for less.

Experience Gifts

Do your friends have enough stuff in their homes? Purchase a fun experience instead!

Run a Marathon for Charity

Everything is more fun when it’s for a good cause! Before the gift-giving date, sign up both you and the giftee for a marathon that supports a charity of choice. If your friend is interested in getting in shape, you can also spend some time together running in the park. Choose a marathon that lets you experience outdoor scapes, like the forest, river, or mountains.

Have Some Fun in the Sun

Maybe a race isn’t your thing, or maybe your friend prefers a stroll or sports activity over endless sweating. No problem! Plan an outdoor escape instead. During the summer, you and your loved one can hike, camp, or spend a day at the beach. In the winter, try snowshoeing, snowboarding, or skating. There’s always something to do, no matter the season!

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