You drive to work every day and it can be an exciting experience. But at the same time, it’s a long and frustrating commute, as you sit in traffic jams and breathe exhaust from other cars. You know it’s not good for the environment or your health, but what can you do? What is supposed to be an interesting fun moment turns out to be something else. Are you now then just supposed to continue like that? There are many options that may be more eco-friendly than driving to work. Here are some of our favorites:

Walk to Work 

If you live within 10 miles of your office with no hills, this is an excellent way to get around. It will save gas money and help improve your physical fitness at the same time.  It’s never been easier to leave the car at home. Plus, if there is bad weather outside it doesn’t matter because you’re doing the exercise anyway! 

Walking might not seem cool to most people but it’s very friendly to the environment as no gases are being emitted into the atmosphere. Plus, you are not stuck in traffic jams. Instead, you are spending time with nature and yourself!

Ride a Motorized Bike or Scooter to Work

Gas prices aren’t getting any lower, and you don’t need to drive a truck-sized vehicle (SUV) to get from point A to point B. If you have an average car but still want the experience of something more powerful, consider keyless scooters or motorcycles. You can also choose something that is more technologically advanced than just walking or cycling, which will help you avoid cars on the road. One of these options is using an eco-friendly electric bike or a motorized scooter to travel to work.

Electric bikes can be changed easily by plugging them in at your workplace while motorized scooters require you to charge the battery at home. There are also some of the fastest electric scooters that let you switch between pedal-assist modes and fully electric modes, allowing you to use it like a regular bike. Although it requires a bit of effort at the beginning, you can feel good about getting to work in a more eco-friendly way.

Cycle to Work

For the daily commute, cycling to work may be an amazing eco-friendly option. Of course, you have to live in a flat area with no steep hills otherwise it’s not for you.  If you live in a flat area, it’s an amazing way to get your workout for the day. Not only are you saving gas by not using your car, but you’re also getting physical activity! Cycling can be challenging at times but if done correctly, it would also save you money and help you build muscle mass.

Go Carpooling

If you live with others who commute to work, carpooling is an amazing eco-friendly option that can save you money on gas and help reduce your carbon footprint. You can both travel to work in a vehicle together and cover the costs of gas with just one payment. It’s an easy way to save money, especially if you commute every day. You can also reduce the impact on the environment by using only one vehicle instead of two or more. You can also carpool to other places, such as grocery stores and other errands.

Take Public Transportation

Taking public transportation, such as the train or bus is another great eco-friendly option. It’s easier than trying to find parking, and it’s cheaper than owning a car every month. A direct route to work will also reduce your stress levels because you can simply sit back and relax while listening to your music or podcast. If you live in a big city, it’s usually the easiest way to get around.

There are also eco-friendly buses that run on electricity, aren’t as noisy as regular buses, and have a lower impact on the environment. If you don’t want to commit to owning a car, taking an Uber or Lyft is a great option too. Instead of having to find parking, traveling via services like these will drop you off right at work.

Don’t Forget The Train!

Trains are also a great option for seeing the world without worrying about traffic or parking. You can either choose to take the train from your nearest station or you can even ride a bike and drop it off at the station before traveling. Most trains run on electricity, which is more friendly to the environment, and tickets are usually cheaper than driving your car every day. You might even get a chance to relax, read a book or magazine, and avoid all the stress from traffic. Trains are often faster too, but if you live in a big city then it may not be faster for everyone.

Work Remotely

This is an amazing eco-friendly option because you don’t have to drive, park, or even go anywhere at all! You can easily work from home or your chosen workplace when it comes time to do some work. If you have a good Internet connection and a laptop, you’re good to go.

You can choose what days you want to work and you can even pack a lunch the night before so that you don’t have to worry about food at all. In addition, you won’t be eating out as much, saving money, and it will reduce your impact on the environment by using fewer resources. You can also save money because you don’t have to travel or even pay for parking! Our world is evolving into a digital age and this is just one of the great things about it.


When you choose eco-friendly options like cycling or carpooling, it will not only save you money but also help you be more active and contribute less carbon dioxide to our planet. If everyone starts doing even just one of these, it will help reduce our impact on the environment. So why not give something like this a shot today?

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