In today’s modern world, where efficiencies and effectiveness are dispersed all around, enabling every task to be just a single touch away, in parallel to that, work-life ethics and lifestyle are getting changed too.  Resources around us are becoming scarce as the time approaches to deprive us of necessities in the near future.

One of the significant and most concerned matters of environmental activists is the depletion of the ozone layer. Global warming is rapidly increasing, but have we ever paid attention to the causes behind all these issues? For instance, when buying some food with Dinnerly promo code, you notice that their packaging material is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Eco friendly dinnerly

Do you care about the environment? For a quick analysis, look around yourself and observe how many eco-friendly products you are using?

It’s astounding how many items you may see around you. It’s no surprise that many of those items are plastic.

To eradicate the after-effects of such consumption patterns, organizations responsible for environmental change through their programs have created enough awareness that corporates worldwide are shifting towards eco-friendly methods and adopting environmentally friendly practices.

Business sectors that use a lot of paper are shifting towards eco-friendly paper while others are going virtual by making their environment paperless.

Paper Industry Patterns

Paper is a material that people use excessively and it holds a special standing in the packaging industry. The Paper industry is actually one of the most profitable sectors. It may amaze you to know that the industry chops down millions of trees to fulfill paper needs throughout the world, leaving behind deforestation, land sliding, floods, etc.

To coop up with the situation and have a better replacement a very few organizations have adopted using eco-friendly paper. To make this paper, people are using agricultural residues such as sugarcane, rice, wheat bagasse, and husk rather than wood shaving. There are a number of procedures to get the paper quality, color, and texture.

How to replace Traditional Paper with Eco-Friendly Paper?

There are two common schools of thought when it comes to paper usage. Some people might think that an eco-friendly paper might not be up to the mark and can deteriorate easily. On the other hand, those who have had experience using eco-friendly paper take it as equally competitive and a product of similar utility.

So what can we do to adopt products that are better for the environment? Well, it starts with extensive awareness programs, as well as marketing campaigns by eco-friendly paper manufacturers as a part of corporate social responsibility(CSR).

Is Eco-Friendly Paper Expensive to buy?

The answer to this question is “NO.” That’s because manufacturers use waste and residue of any specific industry which makes raw materials cheaper. To add further to your knowledge only the pulp formation process differs because of the change in material while other processes such as bleaching, dyeing, pressing, and drying remain the same. So the end product is slightly cheaper in comparison with regular paper that we use.

You can use eco-friendly paper as an alternative to plastic or styrofoam bags for food packaging. Moreover, the education industry possesses a large paper consumption. If replaced there, I think it can bring a great change. Next is the food industry. Packaging edibles in plastic can be unhealthy as well as toxic. Adopting eco-friendly paper with is also bio-degradable can reduce planet waste along with ensuring safer food handling.

Can we shift towards Paperless Environment?

Yes, definitely you can. In the current era of excessive technological advancement, it doesn’t seem to be impossible.

Recently from the advent of COVID-19, we have seen an absolute shift in business processes where a virtual environment was at its peak around the world. More people are electronically exchanging documents which saves time, resources, and most importantly money.

If we go back a decade ago, working from home was rare. That’s due to the misconception that working from home reduces productivity. The pandemic proves that a virtual environment is as equally productive and applicable in the workforce.

Clear progress has been seen by researchers as a result of lockdown. For example, low carbon emissions. That was possible as we confined ourselves from exploiting the environment and the resources therein, which created a positive environmental change.

Practical Implementation of Paperless Environment – Shift towards Virtual Practices

We can create a virtual shift at the corporate level as well as the consumer level.

Starting with the corporate virtual shift, corporates can completely eliminate the use of paper by storing data and all the information in software and maintaining a cloud backup so that in case of any mishap data remains safe. You can now increase business efficiency by sending and saving your documents electronically over the could.

Consumers can be provided with an electronic receipt which has become a common practice by many businesses. The most common example of this is the e-ticket. It does not require printing and all airports around the world use them. Where there is a mere necessity of packaging or paper material using eco-friendly paper. Consumers can use their glass and food-grade material containers to avoid the usage of plastic containers.

Lastly, I would like to add that it’s high time to change our lifestyle by shifting towards virtual practices and consuming more eco-friendly products rather than products that might harm the planet. Water and oil resources have been seen to significantly reduce within a few decades. So, we need to pay attention now as if we neglected the consequences our future generate will have to pay a higher price of our negligence.

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