Airplanes are durable, so it’s no surprise that their parts remain even after destruction. Some airplane parts sit at the bottom of the ocean, unable to degrade. If we could put these airplane parts to good use, we would be doing the environment a big favor. Old airplane parts can be purchased and repurposed for many different things. This article will present just some of the many creative masterpieces that people have produced with their old airplane parts—and that you can, too.

Turning Planes into Designer Furniture

Many people love being inside airplanes so much that they design their homes to look like them, too. Large used aircraft parts are easy to craft into furniture for sitting in or eating on. Airplane parts are great for creating furniture such as tables, chairs, couches, and beds. 

Professional crafters and DIY homeowners enjoy creating pieces that add to home appeal:

New furniture can become part of a home or sell on the market. Unique furniture crafted from airplane parts can sell for high value around the world. Some crafters may even find it easy to turn their furniture hobby into a profitable business.

Boats and Floating Equipment

Large airplane parts can become boating equipment. Airplane parts can float like the cruise ships that sail across the oceans and look like them, too. 

Airplane parts can become naval creations such as:

Boating equipment is a natural transition for old airplane parts. Crafters can make unique creations for use on the water, or make them look just like other water vessels. The possibilities are endless.

Amazing Playgrounds

Children have a natural curiosity for large objects they can jump, swing, play, and crawl through. Smoothed airplane parts are safe for kids to interact with on the playground and sturdy enough to withstand constant impact. Savvy builders can create entire playground scenes with just plane parts alone. Imagine long slides, winding tunnels, spinning rides, and obstacle courses for the young ones to enjoy. The children will have endless fun at the playground with family and friends. Unique playgrounds also offer plenty of opportunities for photos. An area dedicated to photos could make your playground stand out even further. Visitors will love your creation and will not hesitate to tell their friends.

Valuable Home Renovations

Homebuilders and remodelers may add to their repertoire through the magic of airplane parts. As an added service, unique home renovations can satisfy customers beyond expectations. Contractors or DIY homebuilders can produce elegant masterpieces for their homes. Metallic staircases, sleek walls, and modernized floors are just some of the unique ways to use parts from old airplanes. Each airplane part adds value to the overall value of the property; art-centric real estate investors or wealthy individuals looking for a place to call their own will pay a high price for your creation. The sky’s the limit when it comes to renovating homes with airplane parts.

Life-Sized Art

Airplane parts can become the center of your artwork or a quaint addition. The sleek metal parts can draw the eye toward dark crevices or reflect light to brighten target areas. Some plane parts have their own unique appeal, with plenty of stories to tell. The steering yoke, cockpit control center, passenger seats, and message displays all portray a story. Innovative artists can use any number of airplane parts to express their stories in detail.

Old Airplane Parts Become New Additions

The world may have too many airplane parts lying around, but that’s good news for creative minds like yours! Why let those old plane parts sit at the bottom of the ocean when you can repurpose them for your own creations? Airplane parts can become beautiful things such as furniture, decorations, home upgrades, and so much more. All it takes is a little bit of elbow grease and a lot of imagination.

Author: Finnegan Pierson