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Riverstart Solar Park is fully operational and is producing enough energy to power the equivalent of more than 36,000 average Indiana homes annually. 

EDP Renewables North America (EDPR NA) has completed construction on the 200-megawatt (MW) Riverstart Solar Park. It’s in Randolph County, Indiana, approximately 80 miles northeast of Indianapolis. The development is now the largest solar array by capacity in the Hoosier state. It generates energy equivalent to the average consumption of more than 36,000 Indiana homes each year.

The local communities benefit economically from Riverstart’s construction. They will continue to benefit from the clean energy project throughout its approximately 35-year operational life. Riverstart’s construction created more than 700 jobs in Randolph County. Moreover, the results are a positive ripple effect on the local economy. People are spending millions of dollars at area restaurants, hotels, and other local businesses. Several permanent, on-site jobs will support the ongoing routine operations and maintenance at the solar park throughout its multi-decade lifecycle.

The size and scale of a solar park, like Riverstart, represents an estimated capital investment of approximately $180 million. Throughout the project’s life, Riverstart will provide roughly $54 million to local landowners. It serves as a stable, weather-resistant form of additional income. Local governments are receiving more than $8 million. Furthermore, providing the county with funds to support schools, road improvements, and the enhancement of other local infrastructure.

“Riverstart brings Indiana one step closer to a clean energy future,” says Sandhya Ganapathy, EDP Renewables North America CEO.

Diversifying and Strengthening the Grid

Riverstart Solar Park has a 20-year purchase power agreement (PPA) with Bloomington-based Hoosier Energy, which will use the energy generated from the solar park to power communities throughout central and southern Indiana as well as southeastern Illinois. The agreement will also help diversify and strengthen the region’s electric grid, giving more homes and communities access to renewable energy sources while helping lower consumers’ electric bills.

“This collaboration continues our diversification of Hoosier Energy’s resource portfolio, including a higher percentage of renewable sources,” said Donna Walker, Hoosier Energy President and CEO. “Riverstart Solar Park will provide an economical source of renewable energy for the next two decades and is a great fit for our members’ long-term needs.”

Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure (CC&L Infrastructure) and its investment partner, Desjardins Group, will own and operate Riverstart Solar Park alongside EDPR NA.

“We are pleased to own and operate this large-scale solar project,” said Matt O’Brien, President of CC&L Infrastructure. “As long-term investors, we believe in responsible investment. CC&L Infrastructure is focused on investing in essential infrastructure projects that support local communities while creating value for customers, employees and investors. We look forward to working together to supply Hoosier and Randolph County with solar power for the decades to come.”

EDP Renewables is a renewable energy leader in Indiana. It’s also the largest wind energy producer in the state with 1,200 MW of operating capacity. Riverstart is EDPR NA’s first operational solar park in the Hoosier state. EDPR NA has wind and solar projects in late-stage development and under construction across Indiana. In total, deploying approximately 2,200 MW of renewable energy capacity in the state.

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