Australian Company to Build EV Charging Plant and Stations in Tennessee

The United States is ramping up electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in Tennessee. With funds from Biden’s infrastructure law, the Australian company, Tritium is planning to build 30,000 EV charging stations per year. 

The company is also building a manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Tennessee. This plan will create more than 500 jobs within the next five years. In addition, it will also help divest the country from fossil fuels. 

“Somebody has to make the electrical vehicle charging stations, and we want those made here in America. So this particular announcement is really groundbreaking,” said Mitch Landrieu, White House senior advisor, and infrastructure coordinator.

President Joe Biden’s EV plan is to have half of the new vehicles sold to be electric or hybrid by the year 2030. A total of $7 billion is going towards building the necessary network of EV chargers in the US. 

According to WLOX, Landrieu said that on Thursday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm will announce “$5 billion to begin the process of putting 500,000 charging stations across America.