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Columbus-based Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School will be one of the participating high schools in this global initiative – spanning several European countries, the United States, and Canada – to submit their applications for what they think the “Future Classroom” should be.  

The designs, mentored and developed alongside university students from Catholic University of America, will be assessed by how well they incorporate and balance minimal environmental impact, concept consistency, and appealing futuristic designs.  

“At Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School, we pride ourselves on providing STEM education to our students with hands-on real-world applications. By joining Dream on Amazing, we aim to showcase some of the wonderful and talented young minds at our school. Environmental sustainability initiatives are the key to ensuring that this generation has the opportunity to show their inspirational determination to all those who came before, and all those who will come after them.”- Sylvia Cunningham, Biology and Health Teacher at Horizon Science Academy Columbus High School  

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Dream on Amazing: The Competition

During the development phase, the students and their teacher applied their creative designs using cork as one of the required sustainable materials to use. The competition further encourages students to seek inspiration in the Red Planet’s bright colors and surface patterns. In addition, exploring cork’s unmatched material and ecological proprieties as a building block. STEM-knowledge application and nonconforming creativity are a must. 

Expectations are that students test cork’s potential to combine design, performance, and sustainability, while literally pushing this age-old material to the New Frontier. Moreover, with this combination in place, cork promises to define a new age in interior design. They’re offering natural beauty, innovative, futuristic, and sustainable solutions. 

The designs will be presented to a jury panel composed of global Architectural Studios, where New York-based studios Desai Chia Architecture will act as the USA representative and Space entity representatives. Adventure and exploration await the best-performing teams. They will get the chance to visit the land of cork, Portugal, to learn about this material’s origins. In addition to the production process at Amorim Cork Flooring. They will also receive a brand-new Mars cork flooring for their school. The students can apply it to a room of their choice. Moreover, it’s a fitting final practical test to these students’ theoretical ingenuity.   

Raising Awareness

In its pilot edition, the ‘Dream on Amazing’ initiative aims at raising awareness of the world’s environmental needs. That’s with a focus on key target demographics. It will also leverage brilliant young minds to find Mars-inspired and Earth-ready solutions toward a better future for all. The best designs will be revealed on April 15th.   

The cork flooring company Amorim Cork Flooring is sponsoring this initiative. It’s sure to test cork’s versatility all the way to Mars. 

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