PhotoBook Magazine interviews the Green Living Guy:

Green living guy Seth leitman

1. Name: 

Seth Leitman.

2. Where are you from? 

New York.

3. Where do you live now? 

Briarcliff Manor, NY.

4. Profession? 

I am a Program Manager of Drive Electric Hudson Valley, run Green Living Guy Blog, and the Author and Editor of Green Guides with TAB McGraw-Hill.

Volkswagen EV Buggy.

Volkswagen EV Buggy.

5. What does your diet consist of? 

Green tea lemonade, beans (daily). I also eat Kosher (grass-fed) meats. However not a lot now that I’m transitioning to vegan. I also eat tuna fish, eggs and I drink vegetable smoothies that have coconut butter in it, usually weekly. For snacks, I eat almonds and pistachios. Also, I do hard-core circuit training, usually twice a week, and cardio.

6. How are you green at home? 

Very. I work from home. I use LED everything. We have Tesla solar panels and two Powerwalls. We now consume so much less energy than we use to.

7. What car do you drive? How efficient is it? 

I drive the Lexus 400h. It’ll get about 35-40 mpg on the highway. Around town 23. My next car will be a Tesla.

8. Besides deforestation, what is another big environmental problem? 

Energy efficiency. I don’t believe Americans as a whole or the world as a whole are energy efficient. What are some things that can be done to help? We need to educate the public regularly. I mean daily, if not weekly, about the things people want to hear. Not politically slanted. Just facts.

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