While you might think that living a green life is expensive or hard, making simple green living swaps are much easier than you realize. Not everyone is going to buy a Tesla or move into an eco-friendly green living house. But you can make lifestyle changes that make a big impact. Here are 5 ridiculously easy ways to make green living swaps. And as a bonus, they’ll all save you money in the long run.

Brew Your Own Coffee

I know how important it is to drink coffee in the morning. For many of you, it’s the thing that wakes you up and gets you ready to tackle work. But going through the drive-through will not only hurt your wallet, all that waste can also hurt the planet. The good news is that you can make your coffee at home. Use a machine that has a reusable coffee filter and look for the best coffee. You can get a variety of delicious roasts sent to you from all over the country. Grind it fresh each morning for the same delightful experience you get when you buy coffee on the go.

DIY Cleaning Products

How many bottles of cleaning solution do you go through each month? Not only are the chemicals in the products harmful to the environment, but the packaging itself will almost certainly end up in a landfill somewhere contributing to more waste. Did you know that you can DIY your own cleaning products? Use reusable glass spray bottles and create cleaning sprays using things like vinegar, essential oils, and even vodka. There are recipes out there even for scrubbing tubs and cleaning greasy stovetops. And the best thing is that these are easy and affordable ways to clean.

Reusable Grocery Bags

When you go shopping, you’re probably used to getting plastic bags with every purchase. Do you have a bag graveyard at home, or do you find yourself throwing them away more often than not? Reusable grocery bags are an easy way to make green living swaps. You can even turn one of your old t-shirts into a grocery bag with a few cuts and one line of sewing. Bring these bags whenever you go shopping to reduce waste and make a smart green living choice.

Avoid Disposable Anything

If your home is filled with disposable plates, paper towels, and paper napkins, it might be time to consider some reusable options. You can easily clean up with washcloths, you can switch to cloth napkins, and use glass and ceramic plates when you need to eat. When you invite guests over, have an extra set of dishes that you bring out just for those events. It may be a little more to wash, but it is a great green living swap you can easily make. You can even switch to using a bidet on the toilet instead of using so much toilet paper.

Buy Gently Used or Refurbished

Our consumer culture has gotten a little extreme. It’s to the point where most people won’t even consider fixing or repairing something, they just toss it or donate it and buy something new. For the savvy green living household, this presents a great opportunity to not only get nice things but to save them from becoming trash. Going to thrift stores, garage sales, and other second-hand shops first when you need something can help you contribute to a more sustainable community.

There are companies that refurbish products that come back to them to ensure they meet their standards. You can buy used and refurbished computers, phones, and even cameras. When you buy refurbished, you often get the same great quality as new, the same warranty, and it’s a better price. When an appliance breaks do you automatically junk it and buy a new one? While that is sometimes necessary, you can easily hire a repair person to come to take a look first. It might cost you a few hundred bucks, but it’s less wasteful and still less money than buying new.

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