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RESTON, VA. – May 17, 2022 – GridPoint, a leader in building energy management and optimization technology that decarbonizes commercial buildings and drives grid modernization, today announced a new partnership with the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO), an electric utility serving 562,000 customers in eastern and southwestern Oklahoma, and global consulting and digital services provider ICF to launch a strategic energy management program for PSO small- and medium-sized business customers (SMBs). In addition, the new program will help PSO customers save money on energy costs. It will also reduce their carbon footprint. And not to mention, gain valuable data about their energy consumption and operate in a more sustainable way.

Program participants will use the GridPoint energy management platform. From there they can automate efficiency within their building using advanced controls and patented algorithms. In addition, they can uncover more savings opportunities, and evaluate how equipment is performing. Moreover, they can better understand how building operations contribute to their energy bills.  

Energy-Efficient Technology

“PSO is committed to equipping our customers with the resources and technology to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs,” said Jeff Brown, consumer programs manager, of PSO. “We’re excited to work with GridPoint and ICF to launch this new program, bringing significant energy cost savings to our commercial customers in addition to creating a smaller carbon footprint.”

PSO will cover up to 70% of costs for three years of GridPoint services. This provides a strong financial incentive for business customers to enroll. ICF will ensure participants fully maximize and benefit from this new technology. Therefore, ICF will work closely with each business to provide support and training. With this expert guidance, PSO’s business customers gain a lot. For example, they will gain a deeper understanding of their building’s energy consumption and how to effectively use GridPoint’s platform.

GridPoint’s technology stands to bring significant energy cost savings to PSO customers. And we are eager to support these business owners. Therefore, to ensure they are maximizing the benefits this program can provide. Moreover, pairing energy efficiency technology with education and training is a powerful combination. It will ensure the program’s success and make significant advances toward decarbonization.

“Small and mid-sized businesses often do not have the time or resources to implement an energy efficiency strategy. We are very excited that PSO is incentivizing its customers to reduce their carbon footprint and making it a very easy process by providing invaluable training and support through ICF to educate business owners on best practices,” said Mark Danzenbaker, CEO of GridPoint. “Not many programs focus on this underserved market – we couldn’t be happier to work with PSO and ICF on this initiative.”

About ICF

ICF is a global consulting services company with over three decades of experience developing award-winning demand-side management and energy efficiency programs that touch every phase of the program lifecycle, ICF applies advanced analytics and deep domain expertise to help utility plan, design, and implement best-in-class programs and portfolios.

Moreover, the program is available to SMBs in PSO’s service territory with energy demand up to 200 kilowatts (kW). GridPoint currently partners with more than 20 utilities to deliver decarbonization technology and grid-interactivity to the hard-to-reach SMB market.

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