The Department of Transportation and the Department of Energy is proposing nationwide guidelines for (EV) charging stations. Funding for this initiative comes from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.







The guidelines aim to provide standardization for EV charging stations across the country. In addition to helping EV drivers build confidence for traveling long distances. Not to mention, ultimately accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.

The Biden administration published a fact sheet that outlines the proposed minimum standards and a series of announcements from partner federal agencies such as the National Park Service, which is focused on installing EV chargers in the parks, and the US Department of Agriculture, which is supporting the installation of chargers in rural areas.

The administration will soon announce an advisory committee consisting of government leads, stakeholders, and major utility groups.

Increasing Public EV Charging Stations

Hieu Le, Senior Campaign Representative for Sierra Club’s Clean Transportation for All Campaign, released the following statement:

“Many electric vehicle drivers view taking road trips or going to new destinations as a rite of passage. Public charging stations can be difficult to find. Their availability and functionality can be uncertain, and the cost of charging can be a mystery. Now, companies have to address these issues and ensure the EV charging experience is reliable and convenient.

“The public health and climate crises that we face, and soaring gas prices, require that we urgently transition from gas vehicles to electric vehicles. We must ensure that we build a broad charging infrastructure network in a way that is equitable, accessible, and safe and advances family-sustaining careers in the U.S.

“While we are seeing EV adoption increase at a historic pace over the past year, the number of EVs on the road is incremental. Most manufacturers continue to invest, manufacture and publicize their gas cars. We demand that manufacturers prioritize EVs over gas cars. And that the Biden administration dedicates investment in EV charging. Moreover, commitment to high-quality standards will help to spur the consumer demand needed to turn the tide.”

Source: Sierra Club