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2023 Toyota Prius new drive system



Amazing 2023 Toyota Prius Out since January with New Drive System

For the 2023 Toyota Prius is completely re-done for its 2023 model year. It has a modern exterior design and a remodeled interior. Plus, a more powerful hybrid drive system and powertrain. So it’s making it the perfect combination of style, performance and fuel efficiency.

What I loved, it that this brand-new 2023 Toyota Prius has a coupe-like shape. It also comes with 19-inch wheels, a contemporary interior with tech displays and light effects. Also, it’s a 2.0 liter engine but with the revised hybrid system it’s like nothing I expected. Can you say that boosts the combined system horsepower to 196 net hp with all-wheel drive?!

Prius HP Up

So the horsepower of the prior generation of 2023 Toyota Prius has been stepped up to 121. Moreover and 194 net on FWD-equipped models (previously 121 hp). In addition, the torque has also seen an increase of nearly 16%. I mean going from 120 to 139 lb.-ft. for all models.

So with the new torque for the electric motor-generator two. All which drives the front wheels and regenerates the battery during braking. For it is now 20% more powerful. That’s from 152 lb.-ft and that’s up from 120 lb.

Prius is also able to maintain its efficiency at the pump. All the while simultaneously making power upgrades. Most interestingly. the LE FWD-equipped grade offers the highest MPG with also a manufacturer-estimated 57 MPG combined rating.

Best 2023 Toyota Hybrid

That’s the best so far for 2023 Toyota Prius and the most fuel-efficient hybrid on the market. I mean for model year 2023. The XLE and Limited grades offer up to 52 MPG combined. So the XLE and Limited grades are capable of up to 49 MPG combined. In addition, the AWD system has also received a power boost.

Drive System with Rear Motor Torque

That’s with the rear motor torque increased by 50%. I mean that’s going from 41 to 62 lb.-ft.  Most importantly to 40 hp; previously 7 hp.

Options, Price?

The all-new 2023 Prius will be available in a choice of six colors. That’s including:

  1. Wind Chill
  2. Pearl
  3. Cutting Edge
  4. Guardian Gray
  5. Midnight Black Metallic
  6. Supersonic Red or Reservoir Blue.

In addition, the MSRP, excluding Dealer Processing and Handling, will start at $27,450 for the LE grade. I mean 2023 Toyota Prius models are expected to arrive at Toyota Dealerships in January 2023.

Toyota Prius 23 with new drive system



Drive System Sporty Yet Comfortable

The horsepower of the new Prius model has increased from the previous generation’s 121 hp to 194 net hp in FWD-equipped vehicles. Additionally, the maximum engine torque has gone up by a whopping 16%. That’s from 120 to 139 lb.-ft. in all models. Furthermore, the electric motor generator two what they called. All which drives the front wheels and recharges the battery while braking. For it has also seen an increase of over 20%. That’s respectively from 120 to 152 lb.-ft.


The new model of Prius is also very fuel-efficient. For the XLE and Limited grades have an estimated combined rating of 52 MPG. Yet I got closer to 60 in ECO. If you keep driving highways for road trips, you’re hooked up! Because when I drove on the Sprain Brook Parkway and the Bronx River Parkway it was MPG heaven. For it totally increased the MPG on this hybrid.

Even though it says the XLE and Limited grades capable of up to 49 MPG combined. I am not buying it. For The AWD system has also experienced power boosts. All with the rear motor exhibiting 50% more torque. That’s up from 41 to 62 lb.-ft., and 40 horsepower (previously 7 hp).


Toyota’s 2023 Prius has been created with the TNGA-C platform. One which is also the second-generation of the platform. This platform also has been designed to reduce weight. Furthermore it increases stability and provide a lower center of gravity. In addition, the result of these changes is a wider stance. Also, a lower driving position which provides an agile yet comfortable experience.

New Design

The new Prius has also been designed in Japan. Moreover it has a modern and progressive aesthetic. The roofline has also been lowered by 2 inches compared to the previous generation.

Thereby adding a sportier look.

At the rear, the vehicle is a full inch wider, which gives it a more dynamic look. The hip point of the vehicle is also one inch lower than the prior generation, making it appear low-slung.

Interior Toyota Prius 2023 with new drive system

Interior Updates

The inside of the car has a brand-new appearance with a contemporary, uncluttered design. One that reduces eye and body movement. A fresh multi-information display is placed right in front of the driver. All to keep their eyes on the road and a standard 8-inch or available 12.3-inch multimedia touchscreen. For it is set within easy reach.

Screen for 2023 Prius that shows the system



Drivers and passengers will experience greater comfort from the improved seating construction.

Wider Spaces

Designers have widened the area that makes contact with the body on the seat bottom, forming a shape that distributes weight across the seats to decrease pressure when sitting. For added comfort, the XLE grade has standard heated seats.

Drivers hybrid. 2023 Toyota Prius

A Driver’s Hybrid

Beneath the lid of the 2023 Prius is the 5th iteration of its hybrid powertrain. For this setup combines an M20A-FXS four-cylinder 2.0L gas engine with two motor-generators through an advanced continuously variable transmission. A new compact drive motor for the transaxle/motor features a reconfigured magnet and electromagnetic steel plate, and two additional magnets for increased output.

The engine and MG2 electric motor cooperate to deliver responsive performance.

All the while these two electric motors (MG1 and MG2) recharge a lithium-ion battery to attain an exhilarating acceleration experience of 194 combined hybrid system horsepower and an estimated 0-60 time of 7.2 seconds for Front-Wheel Drive models, a 26% improvement over the previous FWD’s 9.8 second time.

Regenerative Braking Plus

Moreover, the Electronically Controlled Brake (ECB) system adds to Prius’ fuel efficiency. This system helps capture energy created by the vehicle’s braking process and stores it into the battery.

The coordination between the electric motors and the hydraulic braking system provides optimal stopping power. The electric motors are utilized to recover as much electricity as possible from the regenerative braking, enhancing fuel efficiency.

Especially because the active hydraulic booster on the conventional braking system improves.

That’s as the pedal feel and feedback for the driver. Furthermore, the Brake Hold feature comes as standard. Thereby decreasing the effort required by the driver while waiting at a red light or in heavy traffic.

As soon as the driver accelerates, Brake Hold releases.

EV mode is also available, allowing the car to be operated on electric power for short distances. That’s depending on the battery charge level. This is beneficial for when the vehicle is driven in parking lots or indoors.

AWD at the Ready

An updated Electronic On-Demand AWD system gives the new Prius the capability to deliver added traction for slippery road conditions while also offering exemplary fuel economy. The updated system uses a motor to drive the rear wheels. That’s enabling stable driving performance when starting off. All when driving on slippery road surfaces and to assist while cornering.

0-60 in?

So this All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Prius model has a 196 combined system horsepower. Moreover a manufacturer estimated 0-60 time of 7.0 seconds. The torque of the rear motor has also increased. That’s moving from 41 lb.-ft. to 62 lb.-ft., a 50% improvement over the prior system.

Magnet Motor

A high-output IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) motor that drives the rear wheels allows for a compact design. One that also enhances the low traction road climbing performance. Finally and the stability when turning.

The system also works seamlessly and transparently. Thereby preemptively distributing driving force to the rear wheels to help suppress front wheel slip. That’s during off-the-line starts. It also engages the rear motor in response to slippage at the front wheels. It also enhances cornering agility by helping to reduce understeer.

Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive system

This motor-driven AWD system is also capable of efficiently using the battery power for driving the front and rear wheels. Data from the wheel speed sensors and G-force sensors. For it is processed by the vehicle computer system. Moreover it is sent to the rear motor as electrical signals. All to control the rear wheel torque.

In addition, the system also provides the optimal front-rear torque distribution. It’s also based on the vehicle speed and accelerator operation amount. For it also performs control according to the conditions. That’s clearly to allow stable driving.


Making the Grade

While there are many colors, I drove the Reservoir Blue. All Prius hybrid grades also come in a choice of Front Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive.

XLE Grade

The XLE grade also comes with everything on the LE grade and adds standard 19-inch alloy wheels. Also an 8-way adjustable heated power driver’s SofTex seat in standard in black or grey. It also comes with standard rain-sensing wipers, smart key, wireless charger and front and rear parking assist. That’s also with automatic braking (PA w/AB). Available options include a 12.3-inch high-resolution touchscreen display. That’s with a fixed glass roof and Digital Key.

Panoramic roof


The all-new 2023 is equipped with the tools to make life more convenient.

That’s clearly thanks to the available 12.3-inch Toyota Audio Multimedia system. All designed and engineered by Toyota’s Texas-based Connected Technologies team. In addition, Prius drivers will also have the opportunity to access a wide range of enhanced connectivity and convenience features. That’s including Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.


Users can interact with the system through intuitive touch and voice activation controls. With the available Connected Service Drive Connect. Also drivers and passengers have access to Intelligent Assistant, Cloud Navigation and Destination Assist. With Intelligent Assistant, simple phrases like “Hey Toyota” awaken the system for voice activated commands to search for directions. All then also find Points of Interest (POI). Especially to adjust audio controls and change the cabin temperatures and more.

Front end dash for drivers




The new Audio Multimedia allows for dual Bluetooth® phone connectivity.

All with support for standard wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility. 

For those looking for an enhanced audio experience, the Prius offers a JBL® Premium Audio system with eight speakers, creating a mobile concert from any music genre. Standard on the Limited grade only, with the use of Clari-Fi® technology, the system is also able to breathe life into compressed digital music formats enhancing the audio experience.

Each Prius offers a host of additional available Connected Services. For example:

  1. Safety Connect includes an Emergency Assistance Button (SOS)
  2. 24/7 Enhanced Roadside Assistance
  3. Automatic Collision Notification and Stolen Vehicle Locator with up to a 10-year trial.

Service Connect also gives drivers the ability to receive Vehicle Health Reports. In addition to Maintenance Alerts and reminders. Also with up to a 10-year trial.


With the Toyota app, users can stay connected to their Prius with Remote Connect capabilities. A one-year trial of Remote Connect comes on XLE and Limited grades equipped with the 12.3-inch display. Users can activate headlights, lock/unlock the doors and remotely start the vehicle. Users can also check vehicle status, receive reminder notifications and set Guest Driver Alerts. Digital key is also available with Remote Connect for the XLE and Limited Grades. Thereby making it easy to lock and unlock doors. Also, remote start and more all from a smart phone.

USB Access

Ready to handle all your device charging needs, the Prius is equipped with six USB ports in the cabin. Up front, two Type-C USB ports at the bottom of the center stack plus two more Type-C USB ports in the center console. For second-row passengers, two Type-C USB ports are located at the bottom rear of the center console.

Safety Sense 3.0 Standard

For 2023, Prius will come standard with the latest Toyota Safety Sense generation, TSS 3.0. This suite of active safety systems includes the existing feature set available on the prior generation Prius but includes some additional enhancements and capabilities. This suite of safety features includes:

  1. Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection
  2. Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist
  3. Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
  4. Lane Tracing Assist
  5. Road Sign Assist
  6. Automatic High Beams
  7. Proactive Driving Assist

Proactive Driving Assist is new to Prius and the Toyota Safety Sense package. When system operating conditions are met, using the vehicle’s camera and radar, this system provides gentle braking into curves or gentle braking and/or steering to help support driving tasks such as distance control between a preceding vehicle, pedestrian or bicyclist. Proactive Driving Assist is not a substitute for the Pre-Collision System and operates in different circumstances.

Safety Sense feature set has been enhanced for TSS 3.0:

  1. The Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection has enhanced detection capabilities.
  2. Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist has enhanced lane recognition.
  3. Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, as well as vehicles in adjacent lanes.
  4. Like Lane Departure Alert, lane recognition is enhanced for Lane Tracing Assist.
  5. An Emergency Driving Stop System has been added to Lane Tracing Assist. It’s designed to monitor the driver’s inputs.
  6. Road Sign Assist gets expanded sign detection capabilities. I’m

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