Massachusetts is making strides towards a greener future with the introduction of electric school buses. In a recent press release, Proterra announced that they had been awarded a contract with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to provide electric school buses to the region. This move is part of the state’s effort to reduce air pollution and promote cleaner, more efficient transportation in Massachusetts schools.

Charging the electric school bus in Massachusetts


The Benefits of Electric School Buses

Electric school buses have many advantages over traditional diesel buses. They are much quieter, emit less exhaust, and require less maintenance. They also produce zero emissions, meaning that they have no negative impact on the environment. Additionally, electric buses are cheaper to operate than diesel buses due to the lower cost of electricity compared to diesel fuel.

The electric school buses that Proterra will be supplying to Massachusetts schools are part of the company’s Catalyst E2 series. These buses are designed to be lightweight and durable, with a range of up to 200 miles on a single charge. They also feature advanced safety features, such as lane-keeping assistance and collision mitigation systems.

Impact of Electric School Buses

The introduction of electric school buses in Massachusetts is an important step in the state’s journey towards a greener future. The new buses will reduce air pollution in the region and create a healthier learning environment for students.

Furthermore, the electric buses will provide numerous economic benefits to the state. For instance, they will help to reduce fuel costs for school districts and free up funds for other educational initiatives. Additionally, the new buses will create jobs as they require a specialized workforce to maintain and operate them.

Finally, the electric buses will help to promote sustainability in the state by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is especially important in a time when climate change is becoming an increasingly urgent problem.


Electric school buses are a key part of Massachusetts’ effort to reduce air pollution and promote sustainability in the state. With their introduction, the region will benefit from lower fuel costs, more jobs, and a healthier learning environment for students. Proterra’s electric buses will also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making them an important part of the state’s continuing efforts to combat climate change.


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