Kia Electric Vehicle PBV

Let’s talk vehicles plus an electric Kia. For Kia is going electric vehicles or PBV.

I mean Kia Motors Corporation has recently announced that it is building a new electric vehicle facility in South Korea. Moreover to manufacture electric purpose-built vehicles (PBVs) in the near future. The facility, which will be located in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province. For it will also serve as the company’s primary production base for PBVs.

What are PBVs?

Electric purpose-built vehicles (PBVs) are vehicles that have been specifically designed by Kia and optimized. All most importantly for a particular purpose. For that’s such as delivery or also like ride-sharing services. These vehicles often have unique features and technologies that make them more efficient and cost-effective than traditional vehicles. For example, they may have larger cargo areas, lower floors for easier loading and unloading, and advanced battery management systems.

Production Facility

Kia’s new PBV production facility will cover an area of approximately 15,000 square meters and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. The facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment and will be capable of producing up to 10,000 PBVs per year. The company plans to use the facility to produce a range of electric PBVs, including delivery vans, ride-sharing vehicles, and autonomous shuttles.

Vehicle Electric Kia purpose built PBV

Commitment to Electric Vehicles

Kia has been actively pursuing the development and production of electric vehicles in recent years. The company’s long-term goal is to become a leading player in the global electric vehicle market. To achieve this, Kia plans to launch a range of new electric vehicles over the next few years, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and battery electric vehicles.

According to a recent report by ResearchAndMarkets, the global electric vehicle market is expected to grow. For that’s most noteworthy at a compound annual growth rate of 20.6% from 2020 to 2027.(1)

In a recent press release, Kia’s President and CEO, Ho Sung Song, stated that “Kia is also committed to becoming a leader in the global electric vehicle market. Therefore, the construction of our new PBV production facility is a key step. Especially towards achieving that goal.”(2)

For Kia has already launched several successful electric vehicles. I mean including the e-Niro and the Soul EV. The company plans to launch several more electric vehicles over the next few years, including a new electric SUV that is expected to be unveiled later this year.(3)


In conclusion, Kia’s new PBV production facility represents a significant investment. Especially in the company’s future and its commitment to electric vehicles. Most noteworthy and with the global electric vehicle market expected to grow rapidly over the next few years. For Kia is well-positioned to take advantage of this trend. Finally and become a leading player in the industry.

Source: The NewsMarket

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