5 Ways to Make Your Boat More Eco-Friendly

In today’s world, with climate change being such an important topic, it is important to take care of the earth and be as environmentally conscious as you possibly can. If you own a boat, it is important to be environmentally conscious in how you operate it on and off of the water.

 You want to take care of the air that is around you, the water that is beneath your boat, and even the wildlife that may pass by you. You can make your boat more eco-friendly by considering the five tips that are found in the list that is below.

1. Use a Mercury Fuel Additive

If the engine on your boat is made by Mercury or by Mercruiser, you likely face problems with bad fuel or even with additives like ethanol. These products create carbon deposits that can damage the motor and other running mechanisms that are found within your boat so that it requires repair.

 It can also lead to an inability to oxidize the fuel, which is necessary to help the air and to help prevent climate change and damage to the water. Use mercury fuel additives before you start each season of boating to clean up these carbon deposits and to get rid of the bad fuel that is powering your engine so you do not damage your boat or the environment.

2. Use Cleaning Products that are Free of Toxins

Anyone who owns a boat knows that cleaning it consistently is an important part of proper maintenance. Consider cleaning products with a water base and non-toxic materials. This way you prevent toxins from entering and contaminating the environment. You can also try to clean your boat on land so that these potential toxins do not get into the water.

3. Avoid Spills

If you spill gas or oil into the water, it can cause damage to the wildlife and to the water. Therefore, fill your boat’s tank at the dock and do it slowly to avoid spillage. Make sure to have some type of collar or bucket under the spout to catch any oil or gas. A good idea is to have oil-absorbent rags. This way you can clean up any excess gas or oil that gets on the dock or on the side of your boat before it gets in the water.

4. Ensure Proper Disposal

Many large boats have a bathroom on board that require disposal. It is not healthy for the environment or marine life to dispose of your sewage into the ocean. Consider other options like composting toilets. Over time, these toilets turn waste into compost that can be used for other purposes. You can also wait to dispose of the waste until you get to a proper facility that can take it in for you.

5. Perform Engine Maintenance

It should be common sense for you to take care of your boat’s engine so that it runs properly. You should also take care of the engine to protect the environment around you though, as one that does not work as it should can lead to environmental pollution. Consider checking your boat at least once a year, the more often the better. This way you can catch potential problems early and get them fixed right away. 

Final Thoughts

If you own a boat, you probably cannot wait to get out on the water and relax or catch the biggest fish. It is important, however, to ensure you are always conscious of the ocean. Make sure you always perform proper boat maintenance to prevent pollution and keep your fuel clean. Always use toxin-free cleaners and clean up immediately after a spill if you cannot avoid it. Make sure to not dump your sewage into the water which will cause damage to it as well.

Author: Sheryl Wright 

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