Electric Car News

Welcome to the Electric Car News page So as you can see we have a lot of information here. For my goal is to provide as much electric car information as I can! In addition, I’ll be adding more news to this page every day Furthermore, if you have any electric vehicle reports and insights, […]

I’m buying an EV, so what about home charging?

There are a lot out EV chargers out there. Are you not sure which one to get? Looking for a good value – durable ones that work well and have bells & whistles yet concerned about cost. A member of the local Electric Vehicle Association asked me: I am shopping for a Level 2 220-240v, […]

BMW presents BMW i Vision Dee in Las Vegas

vision dee BMW

Ultimate companion – through real and virtual worlds BMW i Vision Dee (01/23) 05.01.2023 Design, Concepts, Studies BMW i Vision Dee – Collage (01/23) Steven Woerns   Munich/Las Vegas. The BMW Group is sharing its vision of the future digital experience. That’s both inside and outside the vehicle. All at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 […]