Hello my name is Seth Leitman and I am the Green Living Guy!

 So welcome to the Green Living Guy website! I’m a Green Living Guru and Electric Car expert. Also a Professional Speaker and Green and a Sustainability PR consultant!

Seth is also Program Manager for Drive Electric Hudson Valley and Sustainable Westchester where he is getting consumers into seats and buying electric cars in New York.

He is also the President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Auto Association.

Now he has a TV show getting ready to launch. Stay tuned.

Moreover, he helps people every day with things like home energy efficiency improvements, solar, and much more!

Shout outs to Blink Charging. The first partner of the Sustainable Westchester EV charging program.

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert

Seth is also an Author or Editor of 9 books with TAB McGraw-Hill called the Green Guru Guides. These Green Guru Guide books range. That’s from Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, 3rd Edition to Green Lighting. Then to Solar Power for Your Home and also Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits. Moreover Build Your Own Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle to Renewable Energies for Your Home. That’s because the Seth wants to provide you with the information to go green!

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert

Consequently, Panasonic USA and NYCMedia brought Seth on to do TV segments to help launch their alliance with Tesla Motors. In addition and for NYCMedia it was four tv segments!  So these tv segments were for Earth Day and sponsored by the City of New York. They are called Urban Green with The Green Living Guy!

Finally he is now with The Y Networks for Television. Watch the Green Living Guy Show on your smart tv by downloading the The Y Networks app or watch on YouTube.

Finally, Seth has worked for the State of New York to becoming a green expert on TV too! From electric cars to green schools to LED green lighting. In addition, Seth Leitman’s experience is vast and since 1998. He has managed projects on indoor air quality and working on alternative fueled vehicles.

If you want to live out the green life, Seth Leitman has got you covered! Check out his many services he offers to help normal people like you go green!

If you want to effect the community you live in, in a positive way go green! I will help you do this and accomplish an overall better environment for us all! 


% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert Julia Louise Dreyfus and Seth Leitman at Sundance Film Festival
% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert Alec Baldwin and Seth Leitman at Sundance Film Festival

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert

Ted Danson being interviewed by Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy on his blog talk radio show.

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The Green Living Guy® blog reports on everything about green living, sustainability to electric cars.

Seth’s Leitman’s reach on Twitter alone for the past 12 months is 104M but enjoy the website and blog!

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care Expert
Green Lighting Book (part of Green Guru Guides) signed copy to James Cameron with Sigourney Weaver