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Welcome to the The Green Living Guy electric car website

Also Green Living Guy website and Consulting Page

Where all green news begins with electric car news.

My name is Seth Leitman. I am a green living concierge and electric car consultant. If you want to start with just being able to contact me regularly.

Besides blogging on green living news. Plus electric car news and other cool green living ideas.  So we talk about so much more here and have been interviewed all over. We also have a great resources section that can guide you in the right direction.

Plus, I am a full time green living consultant! So Please Subscribe!

Some even call me a green living celebrity who loves an electric car!

In addition, I am the President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Vehicle Association. So that’s why I am also called the Green Living Guy!

My blog reports about electric car news, green living, green living companies and more.

Seth Leitman Green Living Guy, green living

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Green Living Guy Test Drives Electric Cars

Seth Leitman is a member of the automotive press.  So Seth test drives green transportation regularly on the green living guy website.  Especially each of these green cars for a full week.  Then I explain what I learned.  For example, how green is the car, what’s the range, the specs.  So you get the benefits of an electric car with the Green Living Guy website.  For I am an electric car expert.

Worked for New York State

I worked for the State of NY before becoming a green living consultant and an expert on TV too! From electric cars to green schools to LED green lighting. In addition, my experience since 1998 in projects like indoor air quality and working on alternative fueled vehicles.

To learn more about my experience with electric cars on my green living guy website click here!

I’ve also been featured in and been interviewed for media and publications all over the world. So thank you for checking out the Green Living Guy website.


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