Seth Leitman is an Electric Car Expert and a real Green Living Guru. He’s also The Green Living Guy. Seth has worked for the State of NY to becoming a green expert on TV too! From electric cars to green schools to LED green lighting. In addition, Leitman experience since 1998 in projects like indoor air quality and working on alternative fueled vehicles.

In addition, Seth also developed the Green Guru Guides series of books in 2010 with TAB DIY McGraw-Hill. These green living expert guides focus on making Eco tech work for you. The Green Guru Guides are globally available. Due to his love for education, Seth is donating the Green Guru Guides books to schools and libraries across the USA.

Seth Leitman, Green Living Guy

Most noteworthy, Seth also is prolific blogger. As well, he has been on TV and videos representing major corporations like Panasonic USA about Tesla Powerwall, Tesla Model 3 and Solar Shingles.

Also an Author and Consulting Editor, The Green Guru Guides are a series of books offering the environmentally conscious consumer and hobbyist authoritative, practical, and fun do-it-yourself green living information. It shows the reader how to do a particular task, whether it’s building a new energy-efficient vehicle, greening a particular task, or greening an entire home. The Green Guru Guides’ covers and interior pages printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved, acid-free papers containing 100% post-consumer fiber.

As well and Realizing that not all the people interested in helping Seth’s efforts. Although there are CEOs of energy efficient or green companies. Green Living Guy knows the best companies supply products and source material that can help a project. That’s why The Green Living Guy consulting services works and creates amazingly good programs.

Green Living Guy interviewed Mark Paul Gossier

Mark Paul Gosselaar Exclusive Video at the Environmental Media Association Awards Show from Seth Leitman on Vimeo.

Here is my interview with James Cameron!

Besides the 2 TV Segments on the Home Page, Informative TV Segments with NYCMedia talking Sustainable food and composting.

Also, Fun all the time on NYCMedia and Green Living Guy on Eco cleaning for your home!

The Green Living Guy® blog reports on everything about green living, sustainability to electric cars.

Seth’s reach on Twitter alone for the past 12 months is 104M.

In addition, to everything else here, Seth test drives all these electrified cars where the most noteworthy cars have been the Tesla Roadster sport in 2010, Model S, Porsche Panamera Plugin Hybrid to an i8 BMW Plugin Hybrid and others.

Seth Leitman, Green Living Guy is dedicated to educating the public on how to save us from Climate Change.

Seth is constantly dedicated to helping the world learn how going green saves green. From Green shopping on his website to the books and finally his News blog page.

Due to Seth’s experience, he also serves as Program Manager of Drive Electric Hudson Valley in the New York accelerating the growth of Electric cars. Based on its success he is Founding President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Auto Association.

Just Got Awarded one of the Best Sustainable Living Blogs to Follow!

Green Living Guy Productions

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Also, Green Living Guy interviewing Michael Nash from Climate Refugees from Seth Leitman on Vimeo.

“One Small Step at A Time” – Seth Leitman, Green Living Guy

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So, First off (how ironic here to start off the Green Living Guy Press page ). So here’s my final story with Huffington Post story on What’s in my water for NYers.
A fun Green Living Guy interview On Green Energy Scotland I did on electric cars and more. Most important. Fun interview.

Another article by Vents Magazine

Reviewed in Vents Magazine

Rated Top Green Blog on Feedspot

Here is my Photobook Magazine interview.

Here is one of my favorite stories on
Top Ranked blog Green Living Guy
So OMG, this can’t be happening!! Green Living Guy gets ranked #2 on Top Green Living Blogs. Also, click on the badge.

Gotten your Green on yet? These 20 Green Living Bloggers have certainly made me more aware of how living green can turn your life around! Reading through them can give you a tremendous feeling that if everyone did just one or two things to improve their environment, it would have a big impact on the planet, your health and well-being.

In addition, here is the Huffington Post Piece on Green Schools Program from the Environmental Media Association

Also, here’s My Test Drive of Tesla Model S P90D

Plus, Another fun Green Living Guy gets interviewed by Be Car Chic

Interviewed on FM Radio by the Many Shades of Green 2016
In addition, here is where I interviewed on FM Radio by the Many Shades of Green In 2016.

Huffington Post story on Climate Listening Project for The Green living GuyAs well, here is that Huffington Post story on Climate Listening Project.

More noteworthy and One of my favorite Test Drive Results Porsche Panamera Plugin Hybrid Electric Car
As well, My second favorite Test Drive of Tesla Model S P85 on Huffington Post.  Loved this intro:

Day One was the pickup day at the Mount Kisco store in Mount Kisco, NY. Given that I don’t live far from the store, I just left my car there and took the Tesla for four days. The manager was cool and didn’t mind that I left it there since the next week he was expecting a delivery of over 80 cars. That deserves: Boom!

So here’s the video of Seth getting back waxed on Regis and Kelly.

Green Living Guy ranked on the top LinkedIn green living experts to inspire you

Also, more importantly was Rated One of the Top 17 Green Energy Experts That Will Inspire You.

Blog Profiles from PR Newswire awarded Green Living Guy one of Top Blogs

More noteworthy one Blog Profiles from PR Newswire awarded Green Living Guy one of Top Blogs

Also, Rated #2 Green Living Blog by PR Newswire.

Green Living Guy top Green Living Blog

This badge is from Rated #4 of Top 50 Green Living Blogs

So here’s a really Interesting Interview on AM Radio by the Many Shades of Green in 2015.

Have a good Green Divas Radio Show:

Title is “Green Dude Segment: Guest GDude Seth Leitman on Green Cars”
Seth is a very busy green dude, who is known as the Green Living Guy. He blogs (and tweets a LOT), does a radio show, and has written 8 books with more on the way! He squeezed us in after the NY Auto Show to talk about one his favorite topics – green cars. One of his latest books is, Build Your Own Electric Vehicle.

Listen to this fun Green Dude Segment 

Story Seth Leitman wrote in Inhabitat about Green Lighting How Green Lighting Can Save American Businesses Millions of Dollar


Installing green lighting may seem like a small and simple change, but it’s surprising how hefty the bottom-line savings can be. Many companies across the globe have switched to LEDs quietly and saving money, especially now that they offer such pleasing color options that really rival the look of incandescents. This international “switch out” has created green jobs and helps companies revamp their stores and hire more workers with the cash they save – all great things for the economy.

Even as an underrated technology,  solar thermal is an amazing source of power with a quicker payback than photovoltaic (or PV, which is the normal solar panels that everyone used to seeing by now).

The Green Lighting Story in the Huffington Post Green section

Green is Good

Green Is Good Radio Show Interview with Seth Leitman

Event to launch Neighbor to Neighbor Lighting Program for State of Connecticut

‘Green Living Guy’ Seth Leitman and Patton Boggs’ Joshua Greene |

Here’s the Green Living Guy On Regis and Kelly To Get His Back Waxed! from Seth Leitman on Vimeo

American Towns launches sister site on

Another good one. Green Living Guy Interview with Ted Danson of Oceana

Rodney Strong Vineyards helps grow CFL’s too on

New Porsche raises the bar for hybrid speedsters

Finally! An affordable LED bulb (less than $20)

Fox Business News Likes The Green Living Guy Talk on Energy Efficiency

The Green Living Guy Goes BBC On Electric Cars BBC Story

The Green Living Guy Goes BBC On Electric Cars  BBC Story

How ‘Green’ Ruled Twitter in 2010, Who to Follow in 2011

Join TDG and the Authors of Green Lighting for a Westchester, NY Book Event

Home Energy Audits: Doctor's Checkups for a House ABC News

Do It Yourself Home Energy Audits: Doctor’s Checkups for a House ABC News

Banmiller of Business CBS Radio Piece on the Green Guru Guides

Banmiller of Business CBS Radio Piece called Green All Around

Electric Car Conversions: The Benefits for You. Excerpt of Build Your Own Electric Vehicle in MotherEarth News.

One of my co-authors of our new book Green Lighting, Seth Leitman, is soon to be embarking on a cross-country signing and speaking tour, sponsored by green clothing company A Lot To Say. Seth is a green living and electric car guru who has been in the space since 1993. He has also served as a consulting editor for an exciting group of books from publisher McGraw-Hill, including Green LightIngIn addition, CalCars deeming Build Your Own Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle as the crown jewel of PHEV books this year.

EV World Story on Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Interview on Eco Chick For Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Interview on Treehugger for Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Article in Earthtoys Alternative Energy Magazine about building electric cars.

Green Living Guy in The NY Times. NY Times Article on the Clean Commute Program I am quoted in.NYT Article Including Seth Leitman on NYPA/TH!NK Clean Commute Program. TMElectric Cars That Might in 2001 on Electric Car program. Small excerpt

“For example, the cars do not need oil. They need a tuneup only once every six months, and the driver does not need to worry about trying to fix one, because there is not even a hood to open. They have timers so that they can turn themselves on and heat or cool the interior before the driver gets out of the train and into the car. Finally, while insurance will cost about the same as for a conventional car, the cars require only about a dollar’s worth of electricity to charge their 19 nickel-cadmium batteries completely.

”It’s less than a token on a subway, basically, to ‘fill up’ your car,” said Seth Leitman, the electric car program coordinator for the Power Authority.

And, the stereo sounds pretty good, there is no engine noise (at top speeds, the cars make a high whine, like a conventional car going in reverse) and if you want to be noticed, a bubble-shaped, Norwegian-built, electric car is almost as effective as a Lamborghini.“

Also, NYT Article when Electric Transportation Solutions, LLC was formed.

In conclusion, NY Times article Taking Hills on a Single Glide. Excerpt:

“Sales of P.E.V.’s, have increased anywhere from 40 to 200 percent annually over the last three or four years in the United States, said Seth Leitman, an alternative transportation consultant for New York State and, more recently, a P.E.V. retailer. And even though much of the market is made up of inexpensive imports that can be unreliable (in September, Target stores announced the recall of nearly 75,000 of its $200 Chinese-made Red Dragon and E-Scooters), a significant portion of it is composed of more expensive, powerful machines that offer the range, sturdiness and reliability to serve as genuine transportation aids. Mr. Penrose said that at his store he was having no trouble finding customers for his two-wheel stand-up electric scooters, larger, sit-down electric motorcycles and the wired-up mountain bike he was showing, the WaveCrest Tidal Force.“

Finally, When I Worked on my Masters Thesis about the World Bank I had at the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy