For months I have been asking people at Deepwater Horizon and BP why they have not used hay or hair to start cleaning up the Gulf.
I understand that hair sinks and the reason BP did not want to not use hair put in nylon liners to become sponge-like things that soak up the oil in the Gulf. Why not use it to help plug the hole? Why not attach it to boats and have unemployed fisherman drive their boats through this oil soaked waters once known as the clean Gulf Coast. Let’s clean this up; right?
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aerovironment EV charger

Recently I have been blessed with the opportunity to write about green transportation for Mother Earth News. So my first article was about how electric vehicle charging stations are coming to the United States in part due to the Obama stimulus package. This is an exciting time if you loveContinue Reading

The American Renewable Energy DAY (AREDAY) is in its 7th year promoting education and awareness of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies as practical solutions to global warming.  The difference here is that he’s got some heavy hitters attending. Besides some amazing people like T Boone Pickens or James Cameron,Continue Reading