Electric cars: Little juice coupes (Why would you call an electric car a juice coupe??)

Everyone thought that the electric car was dead in the 1990s. Yet it is charging up for a comeback. A handful of automotive giants and start-ups are racing to bring to market a mass-produced electric vehicle free from the limitations that doomed previous efforts. The next 18 months figure to be critical in determining whether the electric car is a viable alternative to internal combustion or just more science fiction. General Motors announced it would bring the electric car back to showrooms as soon as 2010. But a smaller companies, some backed by A-list technology investors, intend to beat GM to market by putting cars on the road as soon as this year. The momentum is part of a wider trend toward using electricity to help power vehicles.

Burt’s Bees founder introduces new organic baby clothing line

What’s the buzz among style-conscious — and environmentally conscious — new parents? Happy Green Bee. Roxanne Quimby, the staunch conservationist who founded Burt’s Bees, has put her money — and her onesie — where her mouth is with a new line of organic cotton baby clothing. The soft pants, dresses, cardigans and caps are striped in unisex colors that evoke Life Savers, peanut butter cups and peppermint patties. "A lot of organic clothing lines out there are drab," Quimby said by phone from her home in Portland’s West End. She divides her time between Portland, Winter Harbor and Palm Beach, Fla. "We’re trying to break into this market with these really bright stripes because they’re so bold you can’t help but notice them."

Organic clothes show green is the new black

By Kelli Kennedy Associated Press Marci Zaroff is the founder and president of Under the Canopy, an organic clothing producer. MIAMI – High fashion is going granola. But not the grunge of hippie yoga wear and grainy hemp T-shirts typically associated with organic clothes. Think soft soy dresses, cropped organic terry jackets and slim fit organic denim jeans to pair with stilettos, not flip flops.