Congress Mulls Bush Request for Ethanol

By MARY CLARE JALONICK Associated Press Writer
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WASHINGTON — President Bush has requested $11.4 million for the EPA to implement parts of a federal energy law that includes writing rules for a new renewable fuels standard. It requires refiners to use 7.5 billion gallons of ethanol in gasoline annually by 2012.
The Bush Administration is considering lifting import tariffs on ethanol in a bid to alleviate any supply crunch of gasoline ahead of the peak summer demand driving season, Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman said Thursday.
“It’s something the administration has considered and will continue to consider,” Bodman told reporters, after a meeting with his counterparts from Canada and Mexico.

First Neutral CO(2) Global Warming Biodiesel Plant To Be Built

It’s a fact according to some that biodiesel fuel in diesel engines will reduce CO(2) Global Warming Gases (by 78%). However to make bio-diesel generates CO2. Green Star Products, Inc. Wanted to build the first biodiesel plant to emit almost zero net Global Warming Gases (GWG)(CO(2)) from direct plant production of biodiesel. It is an

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Ethanol could leave the world hungry – CNN Money

Source: CNN Money / Fortune
One tankful of the latest craze in alternative energy could feed one person for a year, Lester Brown tells Fortune.
The growing myth that corn is a cure-all for our energy woes is leading us toward a potentially dangerous global fight for food. While crop-based ethanol -the latest craze in alternative energy – promises a guilt-free way to keep our gas tanks full, the reality is that overuse of our agricultural resources could have consequences even more drastic than, say, being deprived of our SUVs. It could leave much of the world hungry.