Kevin Davie27 November 2007 08:32Source: Mail and Guardian Online With oil nudging $100 a barrel this week, I did a set of test rides of vehicles that are so cheap to run you can travel 100km for as little as 40c.These vehicles — electric scooters or bikes — potentially solveContinue Reading

Source: scenta, initiated by The Engineering and Technology Board (the etb), works with leaders in the science, engineering and technology (SET) community to provide a gateway to the best information and resources for those pursuing a career in SET. MIT develop a low cost folding electric scooter. William J. MitchellContinue Reading

NEWPORT BEACH — Every morning, Randy Poulson boards a scooter and drives from Newport Shores to his workplace in Balboa. The scooter has a motor, but it makes only minimal noise — no more than a regular bicycle as the driver glides over boardwalks and across city streets.Then, at theContinue Reading