So the story on Vanity fair green section talking about green celebs which is cute. However here are the 50 ways to save the planet in 2006, I think they did stuff like this. Haven’t seen anything lately. “The problem is so vast and the urgency so great that advice whichContinue Reading

One Response to “Karma’s Gonna Get You”Seth Leitman Says: April 20th, 2006 at 2:00 pmSince Bush has engaged in admitting oil is an issue, Nigeria has been in unrest (recent price spikes); China and Venezuela have secured an oil deal (where is the President of China right now?) and hybridsContinue Reading

Bill Moore:
Here is the official White House transcript of the question and Bush’s response:
Q From Australia. I’ve got a question about global warming — in the Australian Parliament, Tony Blair called for greater action. And this seems to be something that the U.S. President could make a major difference on. There’s a virtual consensus that the planet is warming. If you addressed issues like emissions, fuel efficiency, issues to do with alternative energy in your last few years as President, it could make a significant difference I think to the —
THE PRESIDENT: I appreciate you bringing that up.
Q — and I suppose I want to know, what is your plan?
THE PRESIDENT: Good. We — first of all, there is — the globe is warming.
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