06/10/2005GreenWire by Mary O’Driscoll, June 7, 2005 “Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) today said the energy bill will hit the Senate floor Monday for an anticipated two-week debate that could be complete by the Fourth of July recess.” More on Environmental Programs From The Green Living Guy PleaseContinue Reading

PEV article in the NY Times that I was referenced.
Granted this was in 04, but I thought it was relevant information to post and also that I was mentioned.
Taking Hills in a Single Glide
Sales of P.E.V.’s, have increased anywhere from 40 to 200 percent annually over the last three or four years in the United States, said Seth Leitman, an alternative transportation consultant for New York State and, more recently, a P.E.V. retailer.
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