PEV article in the NY Times that I was referenced.
Granted this was in 04, but I thought it was relevant information to post and also that I was mentioned.
Taking Hills in a Single Glide
Sales of P.E.V.’s, have increased anywhere from 40 to 200 percent annually over the last three or four years in the United States, said Seth Leitman, an alternative transportation consultant for New York State and, more recently, a P.E.V. retailer.
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According to MICHAEL J. MARTINEZ who is the AP Business Writer: “Surging oil prices prompted new worries about the economy and sent stocks lower Wednesday as investors locked in profits from the market’s recent rally. The concerns over oil overshadowed a strong report on manufacturing orders.”Continue Reading

US dependence on foreign oil growing – experts By Robert Gibbons 28 minutes ago NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. dependence on foreign crude will keep growing despite efforts to spur domestic production, as demand in the world’s largest energy consumer outpaces output, industry and government experts said Tuesday. “Most peopleContinue Reading