New York State to Cut Greenhouse Gases from Cars

Starting in 2009, cars sold or registered in New York State must cut carbon dioxide emissions.  That’s Republican Gov. George Pataki for you willing to take a stand against the Bush Administration over steps to cut greenhouse gases.

Pataki is considering a run for president, in May proposed the regulation to cut greenhouse gases from cars. California passed similar rules about a year ago to curb emissions most scientists believe are leading to global climate change.

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Electric Scooters: Love At First Spin

Electric Scooters: Love At First Spin

by Kathryn Whittaker

With gasoline prices skyrocketing people start driving electric scooters. They find more and more reasons to like them. With gasoline price raising day by day, the popularity of playful, fuel-efficient electric scooters has soared.

Scooter sales soar as gas prices rise – Maybe They Should Have Thought About Electric Scooters More.

Scooter sales soar as gas prices rise while they get nearly 90 miles per gallon, scooters prove to be a cheaper alternative to vehicles

…..As a sales manager at Scooterworks USA, he and his staff can hardly keep up with the demand as more consumers are rolling into the scooter market.

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