BY Peter Fairley // June 2005
It’s 8 a.m. and Shanghai is moving.
For the cars and trucks crammed together on the elevated highway cutting through downtown, it’s a slow crawl. On the smaller roads below, traffic is rolling at a steady 10 to 15 kilometers per hour in what looks like a more traditional Chinese street scene. Vying with the cars and trucks for the same strip of pavement are a motley assortment of two- and three-wheeled vehicles–everything from simple steel-frame bikes and heavily laden pedal-powered carts to motorized scooters……

Business giants urge warming action

Business giants urge warming action – Global news analyst WebDB – Blog
Big business added its voice on Thursday to a growing crescendo of calls on the governments of the world’s richest nations to take urgent action to curb potentially catastrophic global warming.
The call follows a similar appeal from the world’s top scientists and comes four weeks before leaders of the Group of Eight — along with China, Brazil, South Africa, India and Mexico — meet in Scotland to discuss the climate crisis.
“We share the belief that climate change poses one of the most significant challenges of the 21st century,” said moguls from multinationals including car maker Ford, airline British Airways, bank HSBC, electricity generator EdF and oil major BP.

Solar PV Is Cheaper Than Gasoline

Stephen Killough contends that even with the high cost of solar cells, it costs less to run vehicles on solar energy than on gasoline.
Charging an electric vehicle with sunlight costs less than running a vehicle on gasoline. Are solar cells a waste of money? Not if you compare them to gasoline according this EV World article.
This is unconditionally why the Green Living Guy loves renewable energy. We also believe in the motto of “Pollution Free, Oil Free, It’s Good To Be Free!”