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Access is the New Wealth

Consumerism has led us all to be a society of impulse buyers with homes full of things that we needed the day that we bought them, but more times than not, go unused afterwards. What if there was a way to short circuit that behavior by renting items from our community when we need them?  […]

Nonprofit raises over $120,000 for solar energy fund from donors in 22 countries

New Revolving Fund for Community-Based Solar Projects Completes Third Crowdfunding Campaign RE-volv, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, successfully completed its third crowdfunding campaign, raising over $50,000 to finance a 36kW solar array for the Other Avenues Food Cooperative in San Francisco.  RE-volv’s innovative solar financing model, the Solar Seed Fund — the first of its kind […]

Three Facilities in Georgia among Top Performing Energy Star Certified Manufacturing Plants Across the country

Energy Star manufacturing plants are leading their industries by saving energy and money, combating climate change ATLANTA — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that 70 manufacturing plants have achieved Energy Star certification for their superior energy performance in 2014. Together, these manufacturing plants saved a record amount of energy, cut their energy bills […]