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In 2007, Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy came up with The Green Guru Guides for TAB McGraw-Hill. These nine books also focus on implementing environmentally friendly technologies.

Then also for the reason that we are here; making them work for you.

So the Green Guru Guides with TAB McGraw-Hill is also a series of books about DIY Green Living.

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Plus, in England, France, China, Japan, Spain and certainly India.

So To Book Seth Leitman to speak and donate books please email the Tour Director by filling out that contact form. Consequently, this photo is from A few years ago. I did a book signing at the Grove Barnes and Noble in Los Angeles, California. It was around 2010. Also, here are some of my books that I posed next too. #goodtimes

Here’s Seth’s book signing at the GROVE in Los Angeles.  Finally, his signed copy of the poster is still there.  Here also is the interview with Tamara Henry.

Green Lighting Book (part of Green Guru Guides) signed copy to James Cameron. James is pictured with Sigourney Weaver



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I mean folks I have My Tesla Solar turned on. Also my Tesla Powerwalls.
Most noteworthy, I can Help you through the process.

Besides the Eco Consulting Services and books, Leitman is also published in reports. So that includes the Electric Power Research Institute and the US Department of Energy. As well, the US Department of Energy and finally the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

Finally, please feel at ease. From lighting change outs, Solar Power and Electric cars. As well from Bamboo to geothermal, Seth will help.

Green Guru Guides – Books
In addition, Seth also developed in 2010 the Green Guru Guides with TAB DIY as Consulting Series Editor. These green living expert guides focus on making Eco tech work for you. They are globally from the USA, Asia, Australia, Germany, France and the UK. Due to his love for education, Seth is donating the Green Guru Guides books to schools and libraries across the USA. More news to come on that!

The Green Guru Guides are a series of books offering fun do-it-yourself green living information. It shows the reader how to do a particular task, whether it’s building a new energy-efficient vehicle, greening a particular task, or greening an entire home. The Green Guru Guides’ covers and interior pages are printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved, acid-free papers containing 100% post-consumer fiber.

That’s because the Green Living Guy (Seth Leitman) is also the eco-friendly living green expert.

Furthermore, Seth knows about Green Living Ideas, Geothermal. Green Lighting Solutions, Solar Energy and energy storage!

I mean as well as offering Green Lighting Solutions and Eco Consulting Services.

As well, he is Member of the International Motor Press Association and reviews cars from a green living perspective.

He also has reviewed green cars and green living. Also green eco-friendly products and saving energy.

He also writes for Mother Earth News and, Triple Pundit to name a few.

Too many times people know what an eco-friendly thing to do is. Some people consider going green and green living challenging.

Furthermore, Seth is also in Asia, Australia, Germany, France, UK, Japan, China with his work on the Green Guru Guides.

Green Living Guy Eco Social Media Consulting and Editorial Services

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Stories are written for all the websites accepting the article.

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In conclusion, Sponsors who pay eco consulting services advertised rate is thereby assured that rate. Finally it’s rates of sponsorship for 12 months.

Finally, Sigourney Weaver and James Cameron. Consequently James is holding a copy of the book Green Lighting by TAB McGraw-Hill. It’s co authored by Green Living Guy.

Companies Consulted by Green Living Guy Productions

A Lot To Say, Inc

Associated Press

Big Ass Fans

Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Briarcliff Manor Public Library

Congregation Sons of Israel, Briarcliff Manor, NY

Discovery Communications, LLC for Planet Green

Drive Electric Hudson Valley


Eco Cab

Egg Geothermal Consulting

Environmental Media Association

Hearst Communications, The Daily Green

Hilton Hotels

Huffington Post Green

Hunter Douglas

International Business Times

Lemnis Lighting

McGraw-Hill Professional

McGraw-Hill Professional Asia

Mother Earth News

MSI Lighting partnered with 3M

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

New Yorkers for Clean Power

Panasonic USA

Robison Energy



Solarize Hudson Valley

Sun Blue Solar

Sustainable Hudson Valley

Sustainable Westchester

The Go Green Expo, Rand International

Yahoo Green

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