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Orange Renewable Awarded 200 MW Wind Project in the State of Tamil Nadu

NEW DELHI, October 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Orange Renewable, a 100% subsidiary of Singapore-based AT Holdings Pte. Ltd, has secured a 200 MW Wind Power project in the State of Tamil Nadu under an intensely competitive global bid floated by Solar Energy Corporation of…

Home Energy Savings 101 is King!

I’ve said It I’ve said it!! Energy Efficiency is the Green King folks. More spending there than you can imagine.  The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released a Report highlighting 16 policies that remove market barriers across the economy to investments in…

Greenbyte releases series of infographics on renewable energy in Europe

Thanks to the Renewable energy software company Greenbyte for contacting me. They released an infographic about renewable electricity production in Germany. This is the first in a series covering the renewable electricity generation in the EU. The infographic focuses on data for wind, solar and hydro…

Renewables on the grid: Putting the negative-price myth to bed

New, comprehensive analysis of electricity market price data confirms that renewable energy policies are not directly factored into electricity market prices.

Analysis Group report: No evidence that changing power mix endangers electric system reliability

Expert report by Analysis Group finds that low-priced natural gas, not renewable energy policies, is fundamental cause of coal and nuclear plant closures.

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