First offering now social media services Green Living Productions offers video, flogging, blogging, social media and tv productions.

Why? Because We Know! Because Print and internet based media consequently prove extremely effective.  That’s as a result of getting your message out to large audiences.

In addition, Are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintrest and other social media channels so confusing?

We Now Offer Twitter and Instagram packages!

My Empire.Kred score for me is 853/9. That includes all my social media profiles combined.

We also offer Social media campaigns and increase traffic for your website.

 green living ideas green lighting , Green Living Guy Productions offers video, flogging, blogging, social media and tv productions

As well, do you Need more stories about you in various locations across the internet? I can help!


To begin, above is the Amazing Green Living Guy video on Panasonic and their work with Tesla Motors. I announced their strategic alliance with Tesla to the world! The world!

Green Living Guy Productions, green living ideas green lighting

This site ranked us #1 top eco blog for 2018 because of our work across platforms from Green Living Ideas, Green Lighting Solutions, Eco Consulting Services.

Seth Leitman Author Page on Amazon

Ranked #1!!
Also and Besides, Green Living Guy is being listed.  That shows total followers across all channels. In addition, 20M Visitors monthly in the USA. 11.4M globally from Alexa ranking

Seth’s blog gets over 12M people annually (triple verified!)

As a result, all Google Analytics, Bing and Alexa verified. Plus Now Google Verified as well!

In addition, here’s some video work.

First off is Josh Fox, Director of Gasland talking about fracking and the problems with natural gas exploration.

That’s because the Green Living Guy (Seth Leitman) is an eco-friendly living green expert.

Furthermore, Seth knows about Green Living Ideas, Green Lighting Solutions, Eco Consulting Services period!

Leitman talks about being green living, being eco-friendly, green news, electric vehicles, plugin hybrid Electric cars and going green as well as offers Green Living Ideas, Green Lighting Solutions, Eco Consulting Services.

As well, he is Member of the International Motor Press Association and reviews cars from a green living perspective.

He reviews green cars and green living green eco-friendly products and saving energy for:, Mother Earth News and Triple Pundit to name a few.

From Google Analytics

Too many times people know what an eco-friendly thing to do is. Some people consider going green and green living challenging.

Furthermore, Seth is also in Asia, Australia, Germany, France, UK, Japan, China with his work on the Green Guru Guides.

Green Living Guy Eco Social Media Consulting and Editorial Services

1. a banner on every page within Green Living Guy site with a link to the Connect car share. 5,400 stories with over 20,000 BACKLINKS. In addition, hundreds of keywords and at least 20 categories. Finally, the total number of pages grows every time.

  1. Single posts, links, social media posts

  2. As well, we can do 25 – 50 retweets per month to build your presence on twitter, LinkedIn and other sites. Will include your company in about your company on my blog and the other sites that I write for and on my blog talk radio show.

Stories are written for all the websites accepting the article.

The Green Living Guy Blog talk radio show interview opportunities with information.

  • added Cost

In conclusion, Sponsors who pay eco consulting services advertised rate is thereby assured that rate. Finally it’s rates of sponsorship for 12 months.

green living ideas green lighting , Seth Leitman and Green Living Guy Productions Green Lighting book held by James Cameron with Sigourney Weaver

Finally, Sigourney Weaver and James Cameron with a copy of the book Green Lighting by TAB McGraw-Hill and co authored by Green Living Guy and Green Living Guy Productions

Companies Consulted Green Living Guy Productions

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