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If making a difference is part of who you are, how you live here’s a great company called Grosche International. For they sell high-quality coffee, tea, and glassware for coffee drinkers, tea connoisseurs and those that love to drink water!

So, products for basically everyone! But there is a catch to these products… with every product you sell, this amazing company will take a portion of the sales and fund 50+ days of safe drinking water for people around the world!

Here is a little note about the company:

Grosche International is a humble housewares company with heart. They saw an opportunity to change the world and are on a mission to help those affected by the safe water crisis. They provide people with sustainable water purification means for their daily water needs. They also provide them with education on safe water and sanitation.

How do they do this?  Together with you, the affiliates, and their customers, for every GROSCHE product sold, they take a portion of the sale and fund 50+ days of safe drinking water for people in need around the world.

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