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To begin!! I’ve met a lot of Green Celebrities Throughout my years as The Green Living Guy. Again and I will say again, I have met a lot of Green Celebrities. Today, I know and am humbled, Some would now consider me a Green Celebrity.  So cool!

I know and you don’t need to ask! So, what the heck is a Green celebrity?! As defined by Ranker:

Several popular actors, actresses, and musicians are big-time environmentalists. Some of these eco-friendly celebrities work to protect the oceans, while others want to reduce climate change. A few celebrity environmentalists even started their own foundations. (Source: Ranker)

So this page goes to each one I’ve met or wish to meet! Some I have met and the articles linked will show you the connection.  If it’s just a post with no connection, I never met em!


image for Green Lighting Campaign owned by ETS Energy Store, LLC Courtesy of Courtney Dailey Photography image for Green Lighting Campaign owned by ETS Energy Store, LLC Courtesy of Courtney Dailey Photography

May Lindstrom has been a green celebrity since the first day I met her.  Has modeled and even movies. Now with her own skin care line.

Adrian Grenier is saving plastic straws from Starbucks to start! However, he did it to protect the Oceans.  He added in another quote the following statement.

“The ocean must never taken for granted. It has to be nurtured. It gives us so many things, like food, jobs, relaxation, inspiration. But it gives us one thing that we can’t see, but is perhaps the most important of them all – oxygen. 50% of our oxygen comes from the ocean.”

Bali Rodriguez was also recently awarded the Green Living Guy Breakthrough Model of the Year for 2018.

Boaz Frankel – The Un Road Trip

Chelsea Sexton
Charlotte Ross is a passionate recognized animal rights activist (widely known for PETA “I’d rather go naked…”) campaign. In addition, Charlotte is a funny person who I enjoyed interviewing at a prior EMA event in Los Angeles.
Christian Serratos is another PETA supporter that I interviewed as well on Blog Talk Radio. As PETA mentioned. Almost everyone calls himself or herself an “environmentalist.” Maybe you recycle, pick up litter, or conserve energy in your home. But did you know that if you want to help the Earth, the best thing you can do is to stop eating meat? Here’s why:
  1. Pollution: Firstly, can you imagine a city without a sewer system? That’s what factory farms are like. Thousands of animals producing thousands of pounds of, well, poop. The poop goes into “lagoons,” which often spill over into lakes and streams.
  2. Land: As well, on 1 acre of land, you can grow 20,000 pounds of potatoes, or you can grow 165 pounds of beef in the same space. Also, about 87 percent of the farmland in the U.S. is used to raise animals for food.
  3. Water: More noteworthy, More than half of all water used in the U.S. goes to raising animals for food!
  4. Deforestation: Most importantly, everybody’s heard about rain forests and how they’re disappearing. Where are they going? They’re being chopped down to make way for grazing land for cows who will be killed for food.
  5. Energy: Producing one fast-food hamburger uses enough fuel to drive a small car 20 miles and enough energy for 17 showers. If you eat hamburgers, you may as well let your faucets.
Doctor Ginger
Donna DiStefano is a green celebrity but also a LEADING and great Fair Trade and Conflict Free Jeweler.

Doctor Sylvia Earle

Dr Jane Goodall

Ed Begley Jr.

Edward James Olmos

Elena Lipson green celebrity
Elena Lipson

Eleni Tzimas

Elon Musk

Elizabeth TenHouten

Environmental Media Association

Green Diva Meg

Cassidy Green Glam Girl

James Cameron who created the environmental movie Avatar.  According to Wikipedia it was marketed as James Cameron’s Avatar.  It was made in 2009 as an American epic science fiction film.  James directed, written, produced, and co-edited the movie.  The book I signed for James is called Green Lighting. I said to him Thank You for helping to Green Light the environmental movement like the movie Avatar. Anyway, it had stars like Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sigourney Weaver. The film is set in the mid-22nd century.  When humans are colonizing Pandora.  Pandora is a lush habitable moon of a gas giant in the Alpha Centauri star system.  So they came in order to mine the mineral unobtanium; a room-temperature superconductor. The expansion of the mining colony threatens the continued existence of a local tribe of Na’vi.  They are a humanoid species indigenous to Pandora. The film’s title refers to a genetically engineered Na’vi bodies.  Thereby with the mind of a remotely located human that is used to interact with the natives of Pandora.

Leonardo DiCaprio, through his foundation, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has done significant work for the environment. Leonardo DiCaprio has raised millions of dollars to protect biodiversity, reduce climate change, and focus on conserving oceans and wildlands.

Green Moxie

Dr Jane Goodall 
Pleasant Wayne Pleasant Wayne

Pleasant Wayne

Christian Serratos Christian Serratos
Gloria Ruben and Ted Danson
Gloria Ruben and Ted Danson
Adrian Grenier with Seth Leitman, the Green Living Guy Adrian Grenier and Seth Leitman
LOS ANGELES - MARCH 25: The cast of 'The Green Life' films at the site of Adrian Grenier's new soon to be 'green' house in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday, March 25th, 2008.
Darren Moore
Summer Rayne Oakes, green celeb Summer Rayne Oakes, Green Model
Matthew Modine Matthew Modine
Jessica Alba Jessica Alba
Robyn McCord O’Brien, green celebrity
Robyn McCord O’Brien

Lance Bass


Evette Rios

Leonardo DiCaprio

Jane Graves / Lady Bug Jane

Jessica Alba

Julie Edelman and I did a video you can see on the videos page.  Julie is known as The Accidental Housewife.

Kristina Bucaram

Leilani Maaja Münter was born February 18, 1974.  She is an American race car driver and environmental activist. Münter is well known for speaking on environmental issues. She blogs in the green section of the Huffington Post and became the first Ambassador for the National Wildlife Federation in 2008 and went to Capitol Hill to lobby for environmental legislation. She was also featured in a series called Fast Forward on Planet Green Network. Glamour Magazine named her one of their “Eco Heroes.”

As well, in March 2008, Münter went to Capitol Hill with the National Wildlife Federation to speak with members of Congress on behalf of the Climate Security Act. That summer, Münter spoke at a rally in Capitol Hill alongside Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator John Kerry, and Senator Joe Lieberman. They spoke in support of the Climate Security Act.

In February 2009 Münter climbed to the top of a wind turbine at Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center in Abilene, Texas.  She then proceeded to autograph one of the blades. The turbine was consequently nicknamed “Leilani” by its owner, NextEra Energy Resources. Later that same year, Münter signed a solar panel at NextEra Energy’s SEGS in the Mojave Desert.  This is the largest solar thermal energy center in the world.

Also and so cool when we talked about it back then. So back In 2009 Münter met musician Jack Johnson.  They later gave Münter permission to use his music with her slideshow.  It is about her mission to bring environmental awareness to the racing world.

Matthew Modine and Cycling have been a thing as they saw at an old Green Expo.  Firstly, cycling has been Modine’s main mode of transportation since moving to New York City.  In addition, he moved from Utah in 1980.  As well, Then he heads up a pro-bike organization called “Bicycle for a Day”.  Most noteworthy, he was honored for his work on June 2, 2009 by the environmental arts and education center on the East River at Solar One because of the significant bike lanes built with his influence.
Natalie Portman, a major green celebrity for a long time!  However, in September 2017, she was recognized for her work on the film by the Environmental Media Association Awards. It is called the Ongoing Commitment Award.  She does not eat animal products or wear fur, feathers, or leather. In 2007, she launched her own brand of vegan footwear. As well, she traveled to Rwanda with Jack Hanna, to film the documentary, Gorillas on the Brink. Later, at a naming ceremony, Portman named a baby gorilla Gukina, which means “to play.” Portman has been an advocate of environmental causes since childhood, when she joined an environmental song and dance troupe known as World Patrol Kids.
Pleasant Wayne
Rick O’Barry

Natalie Portman

Robinne Lee
Robyn O’Brien is considered the Erin Brockovitch of the Food Industry.
Shainlene Woodley has strongly and publicly opposed the Dakota Access Pipeline, gave a heartfelt acceptance speech that resulted in a standing ovation. She also commented.  “Thousands of people are committed to fighting and winning a battle against corporate greed with nothing but love and compassion. Live a more compassionate life because the ripple effect of that is what is going to save our oceans, our planet, and our race.”
Stefanie Iris Weiss

Ted Danson is the son of an archaeologist and anthropologist, His call to action came during his tenure as Sam Malone on “Cheers,” when living in Santa Monica.  He saw a sign at the beach reading, “Water polluted, no swimming.”

“Trying to explain that to my kid was hard,” he remembers, “It got me questioning a lot of things.”

Shortly thereafter, Ted met environmental lawyer Bob Sulnick and become involved in a movement to prevent digging for oil wells in Santa Monica. Buoyed up by the victory, Danson accelerated his involvement by helping create the American Oceans Campaign in 1987. This is what eventually became Oceana in 2001.

In addition and in the last two decades, Ted’s stellar acting career has been complimented by his staunch ocean advocacy.  From appearing in public service announcements, appealing to donors and testifying to the government on the condition of our oceans. Most noteworthy, he currently sits on Oceana’s Board of Directors.  This is where he and his wife, actress Mary Steenburgen, continue to fight on our oceans’ behalf.

Green celebrities, Theresa Longo
Theresa Longo

Theresa Longo was the Green Living Guy Breakthrough Model of the Year for 2017.

Tamara Henry

Tanna Frederick as mentioned before is an avid surfer, actress, writer, producer and environmentalist. In addition, Tanna founded Project Save Our Surf in 2008 and works tirelessly to bring the entertainment and surfing industries together in support of clean oceans. Also, Project Save Our Surf is a non-profit organization. It is 100% dedicated to the conservation of our oceans and freshwater.  Also and most noteworthy, to the preservation of marine life.

James Cameron
Ted Danson being interviewed by Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy.
Ed Begley Jr did an interview with Jenny Nigrosh from the Green Garmento
Ed Begley Jr did an interview with Jenny Nigrosh from the Green Garmento on
Charlotte Ross PETA campaign
Charlotte Ross PETA campaign
Suzie Essman
Suzie Essman
Tanna Frederick Tanna Frederick
Tara Mackey Tara Mackey

Rosario Dawson has been a Green Celebrity as long as I can remember.  In October 2008, Dawson became a spokeswoman for More Than Footprints, Conservation International, National Geographic Society, The Nature Conservancy, and Save The Children. In addition, in 2012, Dawson partnered with SodaStream International in launching the first annual Unbottle the World Day.  Most noteworthy, it was a campaign conceived in an effort to raise awareness to the impact of cans and plastic bottles on the environment. Finally, Dawson also sits on the Board of Directors of Scenarios USA. They work to support a generation of reflective, outspoken, and confident youth through filmmaking. Also, they use film to educate students through a variety of programs.

Susie Essman I met at a MoutainKeeper event in Delhi, New York. Susie’s support of the Catskills goes deep from her time going to the comedy shows.  Now Catskill MountainKeeper has helped even create Laughingstock in Woodstock, NY to support the Catskills. At that event I presented on solar power but we talked solar and green living.  Also, she is a wonderful person to meet.  Heck and yes! Funny as well.

Tara Mackey

Woody Harrelson is also an environmental activist or Green celebrity.  I interviewed Woody for Step Forward Paper. He has attended environmental events such as the PICNIC’07 festival that was held in Amsterdam.. Back In October 2009, he was also conferred an honorary degree by York University

Taryn LaRock is owner of SAGE LAROCK.  SAGE is committed to environmental and social excellence throughout every stage of production. They also utilize only the highest quality materials and local garment manufacturing. They use only sustainable fabrics.  For example they also use organic OEKO-TEX® certified cotton.  SO Another cool factor!! In addition, they also used Italian recycled poly fabric.  As well, it seems the fabric is made of recycled fishing nets and plastic debris.  Plastic that was recovered from the ocean.  Finally, they also use extra soft hemp jersey.  Hemp grown and produced without any chemicals. Also and more importantly, they never use fabrics such as rayon or viscose.  Those are fabrics sourced from controversial forest areas. In addition, they won’t use fabrics from the world’s ancient and endangered forests.

In conclusion, here is Julie Edelman, The Accidental Housewife

Vimeo Page for Green Living Guy

Lastly an Interview with James Cameron at the Popular Mechanics Breakthough Awards from Seth Leitman on Vimeo



Sage LaRock Taryn LaRock

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