Green Businesses

Green business companies that the Green Living Guy says Thumbs Up!!

  • ACTZ Cosmetics is a family owned and operated with over 40 years’ experience in beauty profession. Our Master Soap Maker is a licensed Esthetician and Cosmetologist since 1969. We take great pride in our work ethic and our products; and we stand behind our items 100%!
  • Big Ass Fans are More Efficient Solutions To Be Cool!
  • Cooley
  • Cree
  • Columbia Forest Products are FSC Certified with no pesticide flooring for you!!
    The One Place For A Comprehensive Sustainabillity
  • David Bergman Architect is One of the leading Green Architects out There!!!
  • Deborah Lindquist
  • Earth Friendly Products
  • Ecover – Green Cleaning Products
  • Eco Business Links
  • EV Connect
  • Grassroots Electric Vehicles
    The Grassroots Electric Vehicle Company’s mission is to help people convert from gas powered vehicles to electric. We offer information to drivers on how they can benefit by owning and commuting in an electric vehicle.
  • Hunter Douglas Duette Architella energy efficiency shades
  • Kasper Organics


  1. Hey Seth! We’ve created a way to share contact information without the need of business cards (and paper waste). We’d love to show you and see if we can get a thumb’s up as well! 🙂

    It can be found here:


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