Green Organizations and Non Profits

  1. Animal Defenders International
  2. California Cars Initiative
  3. PM Environmental put together a Careers in Environmental Consulting page: They interviewed environmental engineering professionals in the environmental consulting industry and asked them their recommendations on classes, internships, entry level jobs, and typical career paths
  4. Cool Your World with EnergyStar
  5. Earth 911
  6. Electric Car Pledge
  7. Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA)
  8. Environmental Media Association
  10. Green Guru Network
  11. Greenlivingpedia
  12. Live Green Connecticut
  13. LeviCar with
  1. National Alpaca Farm Days
  2. Natural Resources Defense Council
  3. Nature Conservancy
  4. Oceana
  5. Pacific Northwest Regional LaboratoryPart of the US Department of Energy
  6. Plug In Cars
  7. Plug In America
  8. RUPCORUPCO is a NYSERDA Contractor and Partner on Solarize Hudson Valley
  9. Sierra Club
  10. Sustainable Hudson Valley
  11. Surf Rider Foundation
  12. Union of Concerned Scientists
  13. WWF – World Wildlife Fund
  14. 1010 Global
  16. Electrification Electrification Coalitionn
  17. U.S. Department of Energy’s Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals:

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