Green Living Guy hets ranked #2 on Top Green Living Blogs

Huffington Post Piece on Green Schools Program from the Environmental Media Association

Green Living Guy gets interviewed by Be Car Chic

Interviewed on FM Radio by the Many Shades of Green 2016

Huffington Post story on Climate Listening Project

Rated #2 Green Living Blog by PR Newswire

Rated #4 of Top 50 Green Living Blogs

Interviewed on AM Radio by the Many Shades of Green in 2015

Green Divas Radio Show: Are you an eco-novice?

Story Seth Leitman wrote in Inhabitat about Green Lighting How Green Lighting Can Save American Businesses Millions of Dollar

New Solar Power For Your Home book makes home solar projects easier on!

Green Lighting Story in the Huffington Post Green section

Green Is Good Radio Show Interview with Seth Leitman

‘Green Living Guy’ Seth Leitman and Patton Boggs’ Joshua Greene |

Green Living Guy On Regis and Kelly To Get His Back Waxed! from Seth Leitman on Vimeo

American Towns launches sister site on

Rodney Strong Vineyards helps grow CFL’s too

New Porsche raises the bar for hybrid speedsters

Finally! An affordable LED bulb (less than $20)

Fox Business News Likes The Green Living Guy Talk on Energy Efficiency

The Green Living Guy Goes BBC On Electric Cars  BBC Story

My interview with James Cameron at the Environmental Media Association Annual Awards Dinner.  Cameron Calls BP Gulf Oil Spill Ongoing “Environmental Horror” – My story with The Daily Green

One Family Impressed By New, Super Efficient LED Downlight

How ‘Green’ Ruled Twitter in 2010, Who to Follow in 2011

Join TDG and the Authors of Green Lighting for a Westchester, NY Book Event

Home Energy Audits: Doctor’s Checkups for a House ABC News

Banmiller of Business CBS Radio Piece on the Green Guru Guides

Banmiller of Business CBS Radio Piece called Green All Around

Electric Car Conversions: The Benefits for You. Excerpt of Build Your Own Electric Vehicle in MotherEarth News.

CalCars deeming Build Your Own Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle as the crown jewel of PHEV books this year.

EV World Story on Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Interview on Eco Chick For Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Interview on Treehugger for Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Article in Earthtoys Alternative Energy Magazine about building electric cars.

NY Times Article on the Clean Commute Program I am quoted in.NYT Article Including Seth Leitman  on NYPA/TH!NK Clean Commute Program. TM

NYT Article when Electric Transportation Solutions, LLC was formed

When I Worked on my Masters Thesis about the World Bank I had


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