Green Living LED Lighting Consulting

First and foremost, ETS Energy Store, LLC is here to help people. That’s as well as companies and government on how to go green. Hence to help you live greener and longer. These things help and provide you profitable green living opportunities.

Seth helps clients with third party energy audits.

In addition, they can manage lighting change-outs. So for at least a one hour consultation. I also mean geothermal too. Heck, whatever you are working on to Go Green and Save Green, we would love to help teach you. Because the people Love and use Green Living (Saving Cash That Is!!!)

LED Lighting Consulting

To continue supporting cities toward we will focus on key areas including: Global LED Consultation: Ongoing consultation to identify and also address remaining barriers to scale-up.
We switched the High bay lighting to LED in this gym for a High School
  1. An LED knowledge base: Also a growing database of LED-related information and materials.
  1. New LED financing: Program to explore new financing models. As well as to manage the risk of investment for LED infrastructure projects.
  2. The LED adoption by utilities: Program to identify opportunities and supporting policies. Therefore to promote energy efficient LED lighting by utilities.
  3. Off-grid LED lighting: Project to also explore opportunities for off-grid LED lighting solutions. That’s consequently in cities and also rural locations.
If Nine West can go LED lighting, so can you!!!

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