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The Green Living Guy is The Expert! Sustainable Consulting Services and Speaking

To start here’s a link to the Drive Electric Hudson Valley presentation that ETS Energy Store, LLC consults.

Moderating and Speaking – It is one of the things Leitman does best.

First off! Too many times people know what green Living is but they still want Green Living Guy consulting services. YET and however it is so challenging for people to go green. We know why! It’s Since there are so many people professing to be green living gurus it’s hard to decide.

However, let’s give you some reasons why you’re in the right place. Seth with his team at Green Living GUY Consulting knows what’s he is doing.

First off, after working for NYS. he was then Consulting Editor to Green Guru Guides with McGraw-Hill Professional. That should start to put you at ease. Yes. You came to the real source. So he did Nine books.

As well and Realizing that not all the people interested in helping Seth’s efforts. Although there are CEOs of energy efficient or green companies. Green Living Guy knows the best companies supply products and source material that can help a project. That’s why The Green Living Guy consulting services works and creates amazingly good programs.


Green Living Eco Consulting
First and foremost, ETS Energy Store, LLC is here to help people, companies and government on how to go green. In addition, we also help you live greener. Hence, these things help and provide you profitable green living opportunities. Also, Seth helps clients with third party energy audits. In addition, they can manage lighting change-outs (see below). Also, geothermal too. So Heck, whatever you are working on to Go Green and Save Green. We love to help teach people’s To Love and use Green Living (Saving Cash That Is!!!)
Here’s a Research paper with USDOE I am co-author on for electric cars.
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LED Lighting Consulting Briarcliff Manor School District

My Tesla Solar getting turned on. I can get you turned onto Tesla Solar too!

Help you through the process.

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