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The American South Will Bear the Worst of Climate Change’s Costs

Global warming will intensify regional inequality in the United States, according to a revolutionary new economic assessment of the phenomenon

Analysis Group report: No evidence that changing power mix endangers electric system reliability

Expert report by Analysis Group finds that low-priced natural gas, not renewable energy policies, is fundamental cause of coal and nuclear plant closures.

Big Companies Step Up Efforts to Trim Environmental Risks in Supply Chains

Photographer: Nelson Ching/Bloomberg Bloomberg BNA — Multinational corporations say they are increasingly taking on a regulatory role in their supply chains to improve performance on environment, health and safety (EHS) issues, especially in developing countries where government oversight can be weak. Although EHS regulations…

Green Living Guy TV Segment on Sustainable Food

Below is my segment with NYC Media on Sustianable Food. We touch a lot of the things listed about the life cycle assessment and other things too!

I really also suggest to check out the Union Square Farmers Market! The most amazing food you’ve ever tasted For real!

Ways to Green the Food Supply Chain

With energy efficiency on everyone’s mind in the last few years, experts are looking into ways to make the general food chain more ecologically conscious as well Converting farm waste into energy is one of the most efficient ways to reduce our carbon footprint,…

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